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Your Hesitation Isn't the Course..... It's Your Belief

The first time I was figuratively slapped in the face during training in my old WFG life was after I had just given a speech and the MC said, “Jody, I think you missed your calling - you should have been a public speaker.” I quietly grabbed my seat - on a high from speaking and inspiring a crowd but dying on the inside cause I just KNEW he was right! I wasn't meant to be in finance. On top of that, one of the downsides of any network marketing company is that you only get to speak if you are “winning”. So I began chasing the recognition carrot.

Does that sound familiar to anyone? Damn, we fight so long to get our voices heard and then we are told that we have to jump through more and more hoops for that to happen. Yet my SOUL was screaming for more. This was my passion.

The second slap in the face came from this Wayne Dyer quote. It was misphrased and the speaker said, “Don't die with your song still inside you…” but you get the point. And boy, was I dying!!!

I had been watching my friend Samantha Laycock step out business-wise for a while and this is one lady who has had many cards stacked against her in her life. Yet she has this quiet fire of ambition and talent that intrigued me. So, I watched her for a while.

The scariest part for me when I watched her? Wasn't her story, wasn't her passion… it was freakin TECHNOLOGY!! Hahahaha. Does anyone else feel me? I had SO many questions and to be honest, I’m not the best at making decisions when there are 100 good choices in front of me either! All the blogging sites, the terminology, making money/not making money… holy man I was overwhelmed just watching her!!!

And I was dying. Still trying to jump through hoops but no longer “making top sales” so my speaking voice was shut down at work… and I still had so much to say and bring out of people… so I started to ask small questions. And then Samantha did the most amazing thing:

She reached out her hand and offered to help!

Why is asking so tough?

She saw my signs, my curiosity and she invited.

Just like she is inviting you right now. The Blogology course is starting next week. And that Blogology course became my ladder. So let me help you step up onto that first rung.

I am not special. I am not a quick-learner or super-motivated. I want my voice heard… but I am also operating as a single mom while my Bomb-tech husband is 10,000km away in Africa working for the UN. I have two active kids, 8 and 9 years old, and one of them is a BOY. Any moms of boys immediately has my empathy, I just know it. I suffer from approval-addiction as well and I have both an auto-immune disorder and am on a waitlist for a tumor to be taken out of my thyroid because it's showing signs of cancer. I have shit on my plate, fair?

BUT!!!! Here is what Samantha offers:

Blogology is a kindergarten started level course where Samantha is both your peer in the seat beside you and your teacher with super-star stickers (not real ones, but with her personality if these were really important to you she would get you some, I'm sure). She holds your hand and goes as slow or medium or fast as you need to go.

A woman jumping from 1 rock to another in the sunset.
Saying yes is scary but sometimes it is the only option.

And you build your blog from day one. Get it up and running. Find colours, find passion - find your story, your song, your music… You. Whatever you are looking for in a blog… she personalizes the experience with Blogology and mentors.


She gives away tons of stuff for free! Pages to follow along with, agendas, calendar ideas - you name it! And before you know it you have graduated with a full website/blog/idea/agenda!

And then she is there for the after too. She is still working with me on setting goals, making sure I am consistent, inspired, and answers my questions… as I said - I am not the smartest when it comes to the tech side and Samantha has been one of the most compassionate and patient mentors I have spent time with.

I know how some of you are feeling though when looking at starting a new course, I felt the same way!

Is it going to be worth it?
Do I really trust this person teaching it?
Does she know what she's doing?

What I also know is that the biggest barrier is… YOU. How many courses am I going to sign up for already? Shouldn't I do the other 5 I’ve paid for first? Will I really follow through with this one? Your hesitation isn't about the course… it's about whether or not you believe in YOU.

What I find sometimes? You need to BORROW belief. All I came in with Sam was a desire to not die with my song still inside me. My self-esteem and self-talk had taken a beating the previous 18 months at WFG and all I had heard was I was a quitter and f*&%ing up my family's future… but Sam believed.


Now I have a published blog and 4 coaching clients already. I am developing a co-coaching program for kids launching this fall and have spoken at one symposium already and another one is lined up this September!!!

If I can do this? You can too… and now you have my belief and Sams too… Let's do this!!!! Become a part of the Samantha Laycock Blogging family. It is a decision you won’t regret.

This guest blog post was written by Jody Laird. A student of Samantha Laycock Blogging.

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