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Words Have a Way of Changing Your World

Earlier this year I was ready to walk away.

Walk away from a marriage of 13 years. Walk away from a husband whom I loved dearly but felt I was no longer connected to. We seemed to have been drifting apart slowly over the past couple of years. Life had taken its toll on us. The lows in our life were too high to count and the highs in our life were too low to count. That was our relationship.

We have been through 7 moves with each other. We have 3 beautiful children. We have a life. A great life together but it still felt like something was missing.

As we were preparing for our last move (from Airdrie to Calgary), it was the final countdown. The night before help was coming, our moving truck would be there, and our house, once again, would be changing. I was running around and trying to pack up the remaining items we had all over the house.

He grabbed my arm as I was walking past the bed and told me that I needed to sit down. That he needed to talk to me and tell me something. Honestly, I had no idea what to expect. Life has been throwing us curve ball after curve ball so I braced for the same thing here. Instead, his words changed my world. Changed my outlook on our relationship.

He admitted to taking me for granted and he only realized it after he heard a song. A song that he wanted to play for me. So he got up, locked the door, and turned on his phone to play it. A song that brought tears to his eyes when he listened to it. A song that I could tell by the look on his face said everything that he didn’t know how to say.

I am forever grateful that he shared this with me. In that moment of chaos, children running around and screaming, we connected again. We had a moment of love. A moment that reminded us why we are in this life together.

I now have this song saved on my phone so when I am having a bad day, I can play it and know that these words are what he thinks of me. After 13 years of marriage, I vow to remind him every day what he truly means to me. Life is too short not to tell him how I feel.

So thank you, Richard, for opening up to me and allowing me to hear a piece of music that reminds us of all that we have. Listen to the song by Brad Paisley.

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