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Why I Chose and Recommend the Wix Platform

Blogging is intimidating. There is no way around it. It is time consuming and when you are a beginner, totally confusing. I think the hardest part for me was choosing the right platform to host my blog on.

I tried them all. WordPress, GoDaddy, Squarespace, Wix and more. I felt like I was changing platforms every couple of weeks because I couldn’t find one that fit me. And of course, you ask and everyone is going to have an opinion on what platform to use. Why one is better than the other. But the thing is, it truly comes down to you. What are you looking for in a website? What are the important features?

I want to share with you why I chose Wix. I originally had a Blogger website but realized very quickly that it wasn’t for me. I went to Wix and loved it. Then I let other people tell me that it wasn’t a good platform despite how much I loved it and switched. That began the tirade of different platforms until once again, I was back and devoted to Wix.


In the beginning, I didn’t want to pay for a big fancy site. I love that Wix allows you to create a FREE website. I didn’t feel like I was losing features either. It allowed me to design and create a site that I loved. Once I was ready to upgrade to a paid website, it was easy. It felt like there was an endless choice of layouts to choose from and despite being free, I could personalize them.

It is so EASY to use. I seriously think I could even get my mom to create a website using Wix and that is saying a lot. I think you all understand what I mean. Our parents aren’t technically advanced if you are in your 30s. (Sorry mom.) This platform doesn’t take me long to set up and get my work done. I absolutely love the ease of all the apps that you can use, creating blog posts, adding graphics, and so much more. I found other platforms much more confusing and time-consuming.

I love that it walks you through setting up your SEO. There is a step by step guide to helping you get your site set up for SEO. I know that Wix seems to have a bad reputation for ranking but it takes time. Over the years, they have really improved their SEO game. Plus it takes time to build up your SEO. You aren’t going to rank overnight. It takes consistency to get there.

If Wix doesn’t have something that I am looking for, I email them and THEY LISTEN. The one thing I really did love on my WordPress site was the ability to schedule my blog posts. I don’t always have blog posts ready ahead of time (oops) but when I did, I really wanted to schedule them. When I restarted with Wix over a year ago, they didn’t have that option. I messaged them and within a few weeks, I had a message saying that it is now available. I know that it wasn’t just me telling them and they listened but they actually LISTEN to their users. They take the feedback and use it to improve their platform even more. That to me is the best thing when it comes to their customer service.

Those are my top reasons for loving, using, and recommending Wix to those that I talk to. I highly recommend that you give Wix a try.

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