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When Your Head is Not In Blogging

I have been trying to write a blog post since Friday. I have started at least 10 new ones in that time. I have 30+ other blogs that are just waiting to be finished but I am STUCK. This past weekend was supposed to be the perfect opportunity to write. I was down to 2 kids.

I had plans to sit in front of my computer screen while Prime was on and work on as many blog posts as I could. Do you work with the tv on or is that just me? I was so excited to get some massive work done. I opened my computer screen while my oldest was keeping my youngest busy. I had title ideas popping into my head and I was getting them all written down.

And then there was nothing. I couldn’t write. Every title and every idea I came up with seemed to pull me even deeper into this well of nothingness. A place that as I sit here and write this on Monday afternoon, I am still stuck in.

A woman typing and writing at a desk.
When you are stuck in your own head and trying to blog.

I decided to take Saturday off. Maybe getting away from my screen would help to unclog my thoughts and get them flowing freely again. I took the kids for 2 walks. We went to play at the park. I took my book and read while they ran around at our neighbourhood park but still the second I opened my computer to get those thoughts out of my head, I froze.

I couldn’t put anything on my computer screen. The cursor just kept blinking at me as if it was trying to entice me just to write something down. And yet I stared, unable to write anything. It is like my head is filled with all of these thoughts but there is a disconnect happening. They are foggy and murky and I can’t make sense of any of these words that are floating around up there.

I have told multiple friends that something is off. I am feeling stuck and unable to move in any direction. My thoughts are jumbled. I can’t make cohesive thoughts come out onto paper. Writing is where I am supposed to be able to make sense of it all and yet for the past 4 days, my words are failing me.

Today I keep repeating to myself….

My goals mean more to me than giving in to these feelings.
My goals mean more to me than giving in to these feelings.
My goals mean more to me than giving in to these feelings.

I am journaling. I am working through my shadows with the help of my friend Tara. Have you seen Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2? The scene where Sam is walking away when they are in a syrup bog. That is how I am feeling. Except that it is my thoughts that are stuck in the syrup bog. Trapped by something that I am not sure how to fix.


Walk away from your computer. Sometimes just closing your computer and walking away, possibly mumbling some swear words, can be the best feeling in the world. We are surrounded by screens on a daily basis and they tend to take up all of our time. As a blogger that is especially true since we are typing and then promoting. It never seems to end. Schedule 30 minutes of your day to be completely off all of your screens.

Play. If you have kids this can be easier to do but it is often overlooked. I have 2 girls who love Barbie so I get to play that quite often. I have an older son who loves to play basketball so we go and we do that. You don’t need kids to play. Grab a basketball and go shoot hoops by yourself. Color a picture. There are so many different options to bring play into the equation.

Connect with nature. Whether that means going for a hike or taking your shoes off and walking around in your backyard. Get outside. Soak up that sun. I know in Alberta, this weather doesn’t last long enough so every day you get a chance to enjoy the outdoors, take it.

Write the old fashioned way. Use paper and pen. I absolutely love to journal because I use paper and pen. I use a planner that is not online because I can feel my creativity shift when I am actually writing something down versus typing something out. Get a beautiful notebook and just write. Put all your thoughts down on paper at least once a day. They don’t have to make sense. You just need to get them out of your head.

Meditate. I haven’t done this for a couple of days and I can tell. I find that I get really jumbled and confused when I don’t give myself moments of quiet. I find that I actually need to keep a notebook next to me while I meditate because I have thoughts come to me that I know I need to remember. My favourite app to use is Insight Timer. It is free and gives you thousands of meditations to choose from. After I am done with this post, I know what I am going to be doing. Time to listen to a clarity meditation.

Those are 5 ways that you can get your head back into blogging. I know today that the sun is shining and it is an absolutely gorgeous day so I will be heading out on a walk with the kids, bringing a book, and reading it at the park. Which one of these ways are you going to try first?

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