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What is a Blog Without a Graphic?

In the last few days, I have been trying to focus on how I can expand my business and my life. I think I have finally figured out how to reach out to all the amazing women that follow me.

I am trying to create a blog that is part business, part personal life, and a whole lot of learning for the reader so I have come up with a few new ways to be able to bring all of that goodness to you.

Today I want to talk all about graphics.

Do you need graphics in your blog posts?

Where do you get graphics from?

What types of graphics do you need?

Now all of what I am going to tell you is my personal opinion. Someone out there may disagree with me and that is perfectly fine. So let’s get the party started.


I am going to start off by saying, YES, you truly should put at least 1 blog graphic into your blog post. I usually do between 1 or 2 graphics depending on the topic and length of the blog post. There is no right or wrong way in where you place your images either.

Images are great to break up all the text that blog posts have. It allows the reader some visualization amongst all the words. Plus who doesn’t like to look at photos?

Where do you find photos to use?

My favorite site for photos is Unsplash. I love finding photos to use on there. The number of different styles seems to be endless. Plus you don’t need to give credit to the photographers even though they really DO LOVE IT IF YOU DO.

Once I have my images from Unsplash that I love, I head over to Canva to create the size graphic that I need. You are probably wondering what type of graphics you can create for your blog post. There are a few different graphics sizes that I use.

Remember, the BEST part of a blog is that it can become many forms of content for you. So you can create...

Pinterest graphics

Website graphics

Instagram graphics

Facebook graphics

All of these types of graphics will have different sizes and Canva has all of those sizes ready for you to use. You can use one of their pre-made layouts or create your own. In your actual blog post, you can post a Pinterest sized graphic that your readers can pin for later or you can use a blog or website sized graphic. I tend to do 1 of each in my blog posts.

Graphics help to visually tell the story that you are sharing. Don’t be afraid to add as many photos as you want. Remember to add a description of your photo though on your blog so that it will help your SEO.

This was just a basic rundown of using graphics in your blog. In future blog posts, we can dig deeper into each step and break it down much more.

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