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The Value Isn't In What You See

I often find myself looking at price tags before I do anything else. It doesn’t even matter what the item is at this point. The first thing I do is grab for that little tag that will let me know if it is even an option.

I am trying to work on this because I know that the value of an item isn’t what that little tag says. It is about what that item brings to me. Let me give you a specific example.

This year I really want to make our master bedroom a grown-up oasis. Honestly not even sure what that exactly means but I did know that I wanted a chair. I wanted a chair so that I could create a beautiful reading area in my grown-up room. I would go on Wayfair and save all of these beautiful chairs to my wishlist and hope that someday I could see one in my bedroom.

Well, my parents send money for Christmas and we just buy the kids gifts. So when I was wandering the mall buying gifts for them, I just happened to be at Homesense. Honestly, probably my favourite store to just wander in and look at all the amazing items they have. I always hit up their clearance section because there are some amazing deals to be found.

In 2019, I scored an awesome chair for my daughter’s reading area and this past Christmas I found a chair that really wasn’t what I was looking for. It wasn’t pretty like the other ones that I was saving. I looked at the price tag and couldn’t decide if it was worth the price they had posted. It was cheaper than the other chairs that I had been saving but it didn’t have the beautiful look to it that I had imagined the chair to have.

So I kept wandering and once I got up to the checkout, I decided to tell her that I wanted the chair. I brought it home so excited because I was finally bringing that grown-up bedroom to life but there was this little voice in my head that said, “Samantha, you should have used that money towards something else.”

Even my husband looked at me with question. Wondering why I would buy a chair like that but no one could wipe the smile from my face.

That chair gets used EVERY SINGLE DAY! I am currently writing this blog post while sitting in it. It has become a piece of furniture that I couldn’t live without. The value of this chair is MORE than what I could have imagined it to be.


Are you wondering why I am talking about the value of furniture on my blog today? I do have a point, I promise.

Since launching my Fierce Growth Accelerator mastermind about 6 weeks ago, I felt off. I absolutely LOVE my program and know that it is going to change the lives of women all over BUT I had changed my pricing.

I am working with an amazing coach, Lizzie, and she had helped me create new pricing plans for my mastermind, my 1:1 coaching and a couple of other services. At first, I just thought that I needed to get used to the new pricing. It was new for me to charge that and so I went with the flow of trying to get used to it.

Meditating has been a HUGE part of my life now (almost 100 days in a row) and I started to do manifestation meditations. Another coach had shared a way to begin to manifest your income so I was going to give it a try.

During the process, there is a time when you meditate for five minutes and focus on your third eye, asking for assistance. NOTHING would come to me. It was as if I was completely blocked and stuck.

As I was doing this meditation last night, FINALLY, something popped into my thoughts.

Change your pricing.

There was this flood of relief that took over and during the meditation, I began to get pricing sent to me. I had decided that I needed to sleep on it and if I felt the same this morning, I knew that it wasn’t just fear that was holding me back.

I woke up this morning, grabbed my laptop and changed all of my pricing to what I had thought about in my meditation yesterday. It was as if this HUGE weight had been lifted off of my shoulders. I feel different as I look at my pricing.

I absolutely love what I do and couldn’t imagine doing anything else. I am the type of person that doesn’t see money as anything else but money. I want to help women grow through working with me but I want to make it attainable and affordable. I am more about creating an impact versus making money. I would rather reach more women with a lower-priced coaching option than only a few women with a higher-priced coaching item. Some in the coaching industry may disagree with me but this is what my heart is telling me.


What does this have to do with value? I find that we are looking to have 10K months so fast these days that we don’t actually live for the process anymore. We want the fast dollars and when we think in terms of that, it means that we aren’t giving the value that we should be giving. It means that we are focusing on the money aspect of our business and not on the change that we are trying to bring into our customers’ lives.

I don’t want that and that is why I was so misaligned with my prices. I felt disconnected from my ideal client and reader. It just took me 6-weeks to finally listen to what my body was telling me.

Value doesn’t come in the price tag.

Value doesn’t come from the physical time spent with a coach.

Value doesn’t come from the physical products that you receive.

Value comes from the moments, lessons and healing that you receive from using the products and services that a coach gives you. I can tell you that I am now charging $7,000 ($1350/month) for my 6-month mastermind but that is only the dollar amount that you pay. The value you receive is actually invaluable.

Just imagine being able to create a blog, a community, a business around your story. That is something that doesn’t have a tangible price tag.

Just imagine being able to look at yourself in the mirror with nothing but love and affection. That is something that doesn’t have a tangible price tag.

Just imagine being able to model for your children true self-love and authenticity. That is something that doesn’t have a tangible price tag.

Just imagine being able to love yourself so deeply that the negative words others say to you, no longer impacts you. That is something that doesn’t have a tangible price tag.

The value that I bring is more about the feelings and emotions that I help you to achieve. It is about creating a life that you have always imagined. It is about being true to yourself. Things in this world that you can’t place a pretty price tag on.

I know that money is scary.

I know that you believe your worth comes from a price tag.

I know that you believe you can place a price on how you imagine your life to look.

I know that taking a chance and spending money on yourself is ABSOLUTELY TERRIFYING!

I know because I still get stuck in thinking that I am just not worthy of spending money on. BUT the value outweighs the money spent.

You are worthy of living a life that you love.

You are worthy of loving that reflection in the mirror.

You are worthy of building a community through your blog.

You are worthy of having an expert along with you on your journey.

You are worthy of sharing your story.

You are worthy of being healed.

You are worthy of EVERYTHING that you desire.

It is time that you see your value as more than a dollar amount. You are beautiful. You are incredible. You are magical. You are here to change the world. I see your value. Let me help you see your own.

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