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Living Your Best Life While Being Sustainable

Spring is often a time when we think about decluttering. I mean, after all, it is called Spring Cleaning for a reason. It comes when we are just ready to shed the stuff that is just sitting in our homes collecting dust.

As I look around my house right now, every surface is covered with things. Even after cleaning and decluttering, things never seem to truly go away. They just get placed in a pretty basket and I think to myself, “Look how pretty and organized my house looks.” All while thinking that we may just burst at the seams with all of the things taking up space.

How much space do you truly need?

Think about that for a moment.

I am looking around my house which I absolutely love and wonder where our life would be if we didn’t live in such a big house or didn’t have so many things just sitting on our counters. Part of who I am and part of my business is organization. I truly can’t stand when things do not have a place. Living with 3 children and a husband, I am stuck in a constant state of frazzle by looking at the mess and disorganization.


When I moved to Airdrie in 2014, I didn’t know anyone. We were making a fresh start for our family and we chose Airdrie because it was closer to Calgary and much cheaper to live in when we moved to Alberta.

I didn’t realize the impact that it would have on my life for a couple of years after we moved but I am lucky enough to be surrounded by women who are changing the world just by being themselves. How powerful and inspiring is that?!?!

One of those women is Megan Moore with Hello Life Academy. I first met her in 2015 when I became one of five women who was helping her spread the message of her business. I loved what she stood for. It was everything that I stood for. The empowerment of women and the support of women who are trying to support their families.

Throughout the years, she has grown, expanded, stepped back and realigned with what she truly wants to do that when she had finally decided to step into her power and choose to divorce her husband and go tiny, I knew that she was going to THRIVE in her new adventure.

I am sure most of us have watched the shows on TV about trading in the idea of having a big house to transforming a space into tiny living. I know that I totally binge-watched Tiny House Nation on Netflix. (I know you did too.) The thing with TV series though, they don’t show the real side of things. They are all edited and made to look like everything was smooth sailing.

Watching someone actually transition from a 3,000 square foot house in a city to living in the mountains in a beautiful home that is only 400 square feet. I mean, I look around my house and wonder what I would even begin to get rid of.

You get to see the tears.

You get to see the doubt.

You get to see the questions that come up.

You get to see the healing.

You get to see the joy in finally choosing themselves.

You get to see the real-life moments that no show can ever show you.

By choosing tiny, Megan wasn’t giving up anything. She was finally stepping into who she truly was and how she wanted to live. It allowed her to begin living her best life. It allowed her to expand in ways that living in her big home never did.


Megan had begun to empower herself. Like all the women that she had been empowering for years, it was her turn to say yes to herself. But you see, going tiny for her wasn’t about giving up all the things. It was about choosing the products that were important to her. It was about supporting small. It was about being surrounded by the beauty of nature.

The Tiny Rosehip isn’t just a tiny home. It is a little piece of Heaven. A beautiful getaway to relax and unwind and fall in love with the moments you are living. It is about throwing away the rush that comes with our everyday lives and truly embrace the slower moments.

I mean, just look at these mountains that surround the tiny home that Megan created. Megan no longer lives at the tiny full-time because she needed the support of her friends and chose to go back to the city so that during this time in her life, she could lean on the people that she most needed to have.

BUT that is a HUGE benefit to you because you can fall in love with this tiny when you rent it. Surrounding yourself in a landscape that is meant to inspire and motivate. Surrounding yourself with the simplicities of life. Surrounding yourself with the beauty of the Rockies.

There is something magical when it comes to the mountains. I didn’t realize that until I moved to Alberta and visited the Rockies for the first time. They have a way of making you feel incredibly small but incredibly powerful all at the same time. They leave a lasting impression on your heart and you never want to leave. The mountains are where I go when I need to come back to myself.


I want to offer that to someone else. I began my coaching business by hosting a blogging intensive weekend. We worked for 2 days straight to get your blog set up and published. I want to do this again and the Tiny Rosehip is the perfect place to hold this experience.

Just imagine spending the weekend surrounded by the mountains while working and learning how to blog. There is no better place to experience creativity and growth than in the mountains. I love doing 1:1s. There really is nothing better than watching someone go from having this dream and goal that they don’t think is possible to watch that come to life in front of your eyes in one weekend.

The blogging intensive is just that. Intensive. You will learn so much in a matter of days but being at the Tiny Rosehip means that we can get out and embrace all that nature has to offer. Your stay at the Tiny would be included in the price of the blogging intensive.

If you are ready to say yes to starting a blog and are ready to get some help learning and setting up your very own website, the blogging intensive is for you. The Tiny Rosehip is located in Golden, B.C and a short drive from Calgary. If this is an opportunity that you want to grab, message me and we will book a time that works for both of us.


Over the past year, I think we have all come to realize that stuff isn’t an important part of life. It is who we surround ourselves with. It is about choosing products that are going to keep the world safe and healthy for our children and grandchildren. It is about living in the moment because we truly never know what can happen.

While Megan was living full-time at the tiny, she realized that she had an amazing opportunity to expand even more on everything that she had been doing for years and years. She wanted to bring small businesses together with her love for sustainability. She has created a market through the Tiny Rosehip so that she can feature products that she loves while supporting small businesses.

This market is only in the beginning stages but she already has some fantastic products in it. You can find reusable produce and grocery bags. You can find a mountain shirt that is a MUST BUY!! You can find reusable food wraps and printables. Head there now and grab one or more of the products that she has.

If you are looking for a getaway in the mountains where you can truly connect with your family or get some much-needed self-care time alone, this beautiful home, The Tiny Rosehip is the perfect accommodation. Spots fill up quickly so grab your stay while there is still availability.

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