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Thoughts of My Success as a Blogger

My idea of success has changed throughout the years and even over the past few months. As a young girl, I imagined success as doing something that I loved. As I grew older, my idea of success meant that I needed to have a great income, a big beautiful home in an area that would make my friends and acquaintances jealous, and a husband that was a superhuman (able to do everything and anything I asked of him without question.)

And then I became an adult. Success for me then began to mean survival. If I made it through another night, I was succeeding. And again it changed with marriage. Success now meant that my home was in perfect order, that we had sex 7 days a week, and that love meant never fighting.

Well then kids came and success meant continuing to have a spotless house while breastfeeding. Add in a couple more kids and I had to learn how to maintain my house, my looks, my body, being 100% committed to transporting kids to sporting events while maintaining a career.

So that is when I started blogging. Because I wasn't successful in any of the ways I mentioned above. I didn't have a dream house. I didn't have a career that was able to support my family. My husband is a superhuman but not in the ways I mentioned above (he is hot though). Sex 7 days a week? Who was I kidding? I didn't have the energy for that.

Blogging gave me an outlet. A way to be me and to bring out the darker parts of my life. A way to connect to women I didn't know that I needed in my life. Like I have said before when I first began blogging, I didn't think anyone would read my words. I didn't give myself much credit for being a good writer. It was something that people always told me but one of those positive thoughts that I just pushed out.


When I get a new client, the thought, "why would they want to hire me?" always echoes in my head. What makes someone think I'm good enough at blogging to help them? Maybe I am just blessed to have amazing people in my life.

I don't consider myself a highly successful blogger in terms that may be another blogger would. I don't have 100s of blog post views per day. I still have yet to hit 1,000 views in a month.

I have learned that blogging is more than a numbers game. It's more than having people flock to your site. It is about making those that do come to your site feel like they are family. Feel like they are getting to know your story and know your passions. It is about showing them that you are grateful for them being there.

I am successful because of the messages I get. The messages thanking me for sharing my story. For teaching them a piece of information about blogging in a simple way. For showing them that despite adversity, you can do anything with passion and belief in yourself.

My version of success today means that I am giving my current readers a piece of me in everything I write. Sharing my passion for words no matter how big my audience is.

In order to be a successful blogger, I need to love my audience no matter how small or big. I need to make them feel welcome. I am a successful blogger because my passion lives on in my words. I am a successful blogger because I continue each day.

Success to me now means that I am fulfilled and content. It means that despite the fights I have with my husband or children, I know who I am. I k ow that they love me every step of the way. Success no longer means having the perfect marriage, the perfect kids, the spotless home. It means allowing myself to feel and acknowledge everything that comes my way. It means to constantly grow and change. It means opening myself up for disappointment. It means to let curiosity win and fear step aside as I take hold of my dreams.

So am I a success? HELL YES I AM. A success in unconventional ways but success in ways I would never change.

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