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The Stories We Tell

A blog is a blank canvas that you bring to life. A moment in time that had such an impact on you that you had to put it into words. Words that will impact strangers and change your life in the process.

Written words come easier to me than spoken ones. They give me a chance to reveal what I am thinking, even when I don’t always know what that is. They come out cleaner and wiser. They express who I am without feeling like I have to hide a piece of her.

Reading someone’s blog is getting to know them.

Piece by piece.

Moment by moment.

It is like opening a window into their world. A world that they are welcoming you into with open arms.

I want to welcome you into my world.

Samantha has an amazing ability to take someone through the process of how they can tune into their story, help them understand their why, help them close the gap of where they are and where they want to be. Gina


Over the past few months, I have had messages coming in. Connecting with women from all over and there is one thing that all of these conversations have had in common.

I can feel the emotion in the words that EVERY woman shares with me. Her emotions bring out the passion in me. We get to connect on a deeper level because we are sharing things with each other that we may never have thought to share with a stranger before.

In a matter of minutes, I am cheering for this woman to forgive herself. I am cheering for this woman to fall in love with the woman that I can see and hear. I am cheering for this woman to say yes to herself and her healing.

I LOVE talking about the BIG things. The life-changing moments. Small talk is hard for me to do and the women that I have been speaking to have embraced speaking to me about the BIG things even though it is hard and painful.

We open up.

We bring each other closer together.

We connect to each other.

We leave each other better than before we met.

These conversations open up a passion inside of me. It lights a fire that is hard to explain and hard to contain. Words flow out of me as if we have known each other for years. I consider myself to be an introvert but when I talk to these women, my world opens up. The leader in me comes out and wants to grab onto these women and show them the possibilities.

For the women that join me for these conversations, they realize (even if just for the moments we are talking) that they are not alone. That they have someone out in the world fighting for them, fighting for their story, fighting for their survival and fighting for their strength to continue on. When she walks away from our conversation, she knows that she has a champion in her corner. And that is F***ING POWERFUL!!

Sharing our stories is easier knowing that we are not alone. I was able to continue blogging after I started because of the support from complete strangers. That is what I want to be for you.

I want to be your cheerleader.

I want to be your friend.

I want to be your coach.

I want to be your support.


I hate being called brave or fearless. I never felt that way in my life.

I felt desperate.

I felt needy.

I felt lost.

I felt like I was barely holding on.

I only had one decision left and that was to share my story. I had exhausted every other option. In order to heal, I had to admit out loud what had happened.

Sharing the dark pieces of yourself is terrifying. Not everyone is going to understand the reasons. Not everyone is going to be sympathetic. And the thing is…

Not everyone is supposed to.

You have a story and no one needs to approve of you sharing it. You need to be able to look at yourself in the mirror every day knowing that you are doing what you can to become that Warrior staring back at you.

Blogging makes those conversations less scary. You aren't sharing with one specific person. You are sharing the idea with multiple people. The people who NEED and WANT to hear your story. You are creating energy that is going to impact many people that you do not even know.

Blogging is an energy exchange. When I first started, I thought it was all about me. All I needed to do was to share my story and I would feel better. But the loneliness was still there. Yes, I felt better by sharing my story but it was when the strangers would comment and would interact when I felt my best. It was then that I realized, blogging was a two-way street. My readers needed me as much as I needed them.

Taking the step towards blogging is scary. I know it was for me when I decided to do it. In my coaching, I bring along something that I truly believe. We ONLY live once. What we have a passion for and what brings joy into our lives should be shared. Our lives are filled with stories and experiences that make this world a better place.

That doesn’t mean that every moment is going to be beautiful. Believe me, NOT every moment in my life has been beautiful. It means that there is beauty in EVERY moment even when we don’t see it. Blogging gives you the chance to see that beauty. It allows you to open up. I love taking you from a place of desperation and sadness to a place that is filled with love and hope. Blogging did that for me and I want to show you how you can do that for yourself.

Are you an overthinker like me?

I have found that if I wait and think some things through, I will never do them. I LOVE to just jump in and see what happens. I know that is scary and terrifying for some women but I also know that we will hold ourselves back if we don’t allow ourselves the chance to grow.

Build A Blog is starting on October 18 and I want to help you start the blog that you have been thinking about. Whether it is a BIG, LOUD voice or a voice that is whispering the idea to you; I want to help. Watching women create a dream or bring a thought to life is an incredible opportunity and that is why I am here. To help you realize that blogging is an option for you.

Join me and let’s get a beautiful blog built so that you can begin to share your journey, your experiences and your stories with the world. The world is waiting to know you.

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