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The Lazy Way to Organize Your Blog

I remember when Quinton was in JK (4-year-old kindergarten in Ontario). Annie was about 4 months old and I felt for the first time in my life, completely disorganized. Trying to get Q to school, remember appointments, remember paperwork the school needed, and everything else in my life. I was OVERWHELMED. I was in a constant state of feeling frazzled and that year, I felt like the worst mom ever.

I have always considered myself an organized person. As I get older, I am finding that if I am not organized, that frazzled feeling comes back even 10 times stronger than that JK year. I can’t concentrate. I snap at my kids and husband more. I feel drained all of the time. I don’t want to leave my bed.

This makes me a complete mess as a mom and as a business owner so I know that being on top of my organized chaos, means that I can serve everyone better. Since my business is blogging, it requires lots of time and effort so I need to ensure that I have everything I can have organized simply.


We are always looking for tips and tricks to maintain organization. You are lucky enough to be getting a copy of my Planner for Bloggers. In this planner, you have 13 pages to keep all of your blogging information in one place. I created this planner as a way to stay organized myself. I found that there wasn’t 1 specific planner that had everything I needed for just my blog. I hope this helps you to stay organized and free from that frazzled feeling.

PAGE 2: This is a monthly calendar. Keep track of what days you post on. Keep track of what days you post on certain social media. This calendar is undated so that you can use it any month of the year.

PAGE 3: This is your weekly schedule. You can now break down your week a lot easier by knowing what you are posting about, where you are posting, and everything else that comes up for your week. There is also a spot for notes so that you can write anything extra down.

PAGE 4: This is your social media audit page. I love this page. You now have 1 place to keep all of your social media numbers. Included are Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Blog views, LinkedIn, and your email list. It is important to keep track of numbers not because of the numbers themselves but because when I feel like I am making 0 progress, I review the monthly numbers. It amazes me how much I can overlook.

PAGE 5: This is your brain dump page. Write down your ideas and keep them will all of your other blogging documents. You will know exactly where everything is and will not need to search for that list you wrote on a random piece of paper.

PAGE 6: This is your blog post checklist. It includes a checklist for both before and after you publish your blog post. It is great to have handy so you always remember what you need to do.

PAGE 7: This is for your short term goals. Decide on 1 month or 3 months. You can even print off 1 for each. Think about the amount of page view you want to have. Think about how many blog posts you want to write each week. Social media followers in regards to your blog. Write them out so that you know what you

PAGE 8: This is a place where you can write out your steps needed to reach those short term goals.

PAGE 9: This is your long term goals page. Think about goals for 6 months and 12 months. Again, print 1 off for each.

PAGE 10: This is a place where you can write out your steps needed to reach those long term goals.

PAGE 11: This is your blog title ideas list. Now when you think of an idea, you write it on this page. It is great to keep it all in 1 location so when you are having trouble thinking of something to write about, you already have some titles created to help induce some inspiration and creativity.

PAGE 12: Monthly blog expenses. This is a great place to write all of those expenses down that you have for your blog. Including website costs, Tailwind, Canva, and any other platform you are using that cost you money.

PAGE 13: This page is all about collaborations. Have fun with this page. Dream about people that you hope to collaborate with. Write down names and begin to build those relationships.

I hope that you get as much out of this planner as I do. It helps me to stay focused and keeps me well organized. The Planner for Bloggers is ready for you to download and begin using. Enjoy!!

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