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The Impact of Your Story

The woman I used to see in the mirror was someone that I didn’t recognize. She had the same face as me but there was something different. Maybe it was the sadness in her eyes that I was trying to hide. Maybe it was the truth that I thought compromised who I should be and who I wanted to be. Maybe it was that she just didn’t know who she was deep down. She learned a long time ago that in order to be safe, she had to hide the broken pieces. She had to keep her story contained where no one could see it.

I was soon sick of seeing that woman so broken up about her past. Writing was my outlet. Writing was my safe place. Writing allowed me to share my truth without the fear of judgment and that’s when I started blogging. I didn’t expect anyone to read what I had to say. That girl inside of me was so fearful, so hateful, and believed with all her heart that her story wasn’t worth sharing that she truly believed her words would be anonymous in a world full of stories.

They weren’t. Women found those words. They clung to them like a buoy. As they drifted along in their own life feeling like they were lost and forgotten, these words saved them. And in turn, they saved me. I remember getting messages thanking me for sharing what I did. For reminding them that the broken can still be beautiful.

My story has been read by countless women. My story has had an impact on women who may not have even known they needed to read them until my words crossed their path. My story has shaped my life and reminded me that there are others out there who need to know that they are not alone. That life can be excruciatingly painful but hopelessly beautiful.

Your story matters. Your story is meant to be shared. Your story will impact those who you may never meet. The women who need it most may be completely anonymous to you but they know you. They understand you. That is the impact of your story and why you need to share it.

In a world full of storytellers, let your story be yours. Let those people who need to hear it, hear it. I allowed that reflection to be unrecognizable for far too long. I allowed pieces of me to wither away because I was too scared to show who I really was. I don’t want the same to happen to you. Don’t let your distorted reflection of who you are to stop who you TRULY ARE!!

You are worthy. You are powerful. You are your story. Share it!!

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