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Social Media as a New Blogger

You have your blog website set up but you are probably wondering what else you should set up to compliment it. Where do you begin?

Social media can be overwhelming with all of the choices that you now have so how do you choose? Everyone is going to have a differing opinion so, in this post, I talk about what I believe works well.

When I first began blogging, I really wasn’t on any social media. I had Facebook but that was it. I belonged to a couple of groups, my personal page, and I began my own blog Facebook page. That was all that I had. It was enough to get me started.


We are not going to cover all of the social media platforms here. I don’t even use all of the social media platforms that are available. I use the ones that work for me. That is the most important thing to remember. You DO NOT need to use all of them to be successful. Today we are going to begin small.


There are so many benefits to using a Facebook business page. Here are a few stats

That I found on the website, Post Planner. Here are just a couple of those stats. Check out more stats by going to the website.

  1. Reach billions of potential clients. 1.66 billion daily active users.

  2. 74% of Facebook users are high-income earners.

Facebook is free to use and easy to set up. No matter how technologically disadvantaged you are, set up is simple. Once your page is set up and you begin to create posts and interacting with your audience, you will start to see insights appear. Your personal Facebook page doesn’t have access to these insights, only a Facebook page does.

These insights give you information on the time of day your followers are seeing your posts the most, who your audience is, and what types of posts work the best for them (which posts are the most popular). These are invaluable when it comes to knowing what your audience wants and helps you narrow down when you should be posting.


I love Instagram. I love the clean looks that come from it and I love the interaction that I get from it. I find followers on Instagram to be much more interactive than on Facebook but that can be different for everyone.

When you set up Instagram, make sure that you set it up as a business account. This way you will have access to analytics and insights. Again these will help to show you who is seeing and interested in your posts and when the most popular times are. This will help you narrow down when you should be posting to your feed.

In order to grow on Instagram (I am NOT an expert on IG), please interact with your followers and with the people that you follow. This will help to create a true connection. Social media is a social platform which means that it is meant for connection. Use it that way and you will see growth.


I love Pinterest and I have since it came out. I use it every day. The thing to remember about Pinterest is that it isn’t a social media platform. It is a search engine. Pinterest is now my go-to search engine. Whenever I am searching for something, I head there before I head to Google. Anyone else?

Again, get the business account on Pinterest so that you can take advantage of all the analytics and insights into the Pins that you post. Here are some benefits of using Pinterest from the website, Blogging Wizzard. Check out the article for more benefits on using Pinterest.

  1. A pin is 100x more spreadable than a tweet.

  2. The life of a pin is 1 week compared to 90 minutes on Facebook.

The truth is, you are going to feel overwhelmed by what you need to do as a blogger. That is okay. Make a plan. Create a content schedule that has your blog posts on it as well as your social media posts. It will make it feel less overwhelming. Plus Facebook has a scheduling tool on pages and on Pinterest, you can also schedule pins ahead of time. You can also use Tailwind for Pinterest and Facebook but that is another post altogether.

Remember to start small and build from there. Choose 1 or 2 platforms if you feel that these 3 would be too much. Stay tuned for my Beginner Bloggers Survival Kit which will be released in August. This kit will contain how-to videos of how to set up all of these social media platforms.

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