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Silence Your Inner Mean Girl

As I sit here tonight trying to write a blog post, I keep thinking to myself that I'm not cut out for this. I have 10 unfinished blog posts that I just can't finish. There are no words coming to me and I sit on my bed questioning whether or not I should just give up, turn my computer off, and call it a day.

My inner mean girl is telling me that I'm not a good writer. That no one wants to hear what I have to say. That I am just wasting my time putting all of this out into the Universe.

I look around my house and see a messy kitchen, a bedroom floor that has crumbs on it from my kids, clothes in the dryer that should be put away and think to myself that I need to start being a better mom and wife.

My inner mean girl is in full force tonight. So as I sit here writing to you, I am trying to silence her. Remind her that I am in charge of how I feel. That no matter what she says, she is wrong.

That I am the mom that I am supposed to be at this moment. That despite what she thinks about my writing, I am making a difference to someone out there. Someone is waiting for me to publish this blog post. Someone is waiting for me to say that they are perfect the way they are. Even with the messy floors and a blank page.

So today, when you have that inner mean girl speak up to you, remind her who is boss. Shut her down and continue being you. Tell her that you are EVERYTHING she says you are not. Look around you and see the world that you have created. See the beauty that surrounds you. See you in all your glory and remember that she is wrong.

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