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Saying Goodbye to 34

As I sit in here in my quiet house, kids still asleep, and look back on the past year so many thoughts come to mind. 34 was a year of many trying times and moments when I didn’t think I would ever find the answers to what I was looking for. Moving to 2 new homes in less than 6 months, closing BeYOUtiful Box and changing my business, kids starting new schools and a new routine, and of course COVID.

Another year older means another year wiser, right? I love celebrating my birthday every year. It reminds me that I am lucky enough to be here to watch my children grow, to grow older with my husband, to follow my dreams and my passions, and to live my life so that I can make an impact in this world.

The past year has been about releasing fears and following my dreams. I have had incredible support from my friends and family every moment along the way. I have learned that following your passion is intense, scary, and full of beautiful moments. I have realized the importance of telling your friends and family that you love and appreciate them. That, in this world, love is what matters and how you thrive.

I look back and know how lucky I am to have what I have and to love who I do. I am grateful for all the moments that take my breath away. The moments that remind me that I am human. The connections that I am building. The goals that I am achieving. The challenges that I face. The everyday moments when life shows me how amazing it is to be a mom.

I want year 35 to be a year of growth and becoming for me. I want it to stand out among all my other years on this beautiful planet. I want to create memories that will last a lifetime. I want to keep inspiring women to share their stories and to embrace their pasts. I want to show my kids that by not giving up, you will build to your goals and watch them unfold before you. I want to show my kids that despite setbacks, failures, and moments of pain, you will walk away stronger when you ask for help.

In year 35 I want to fall more in love with myself and allow who I am to shine through. Throw away the imposter syndrome. No more hiding and questioning myself as I go through this next year. I want to go after the impossible. I want to remind fear that it has no place in my life.


I love looking back and seeing what happened over the past year. It reminds me that no matter how tough things felt, I have moved forward.

  • We moved to a house that we love in a great area.

  • I got my first tattoo.

  • I crossed a suspension bridge.

  • I started my 2nd business.

  • I shaved my head.

  • I coloured my hair purple.

  • I spoke in an online summit for self-love.

  • I survived (4 more days left) homeschooling my children.

  • Celebrated 14 years of marriage.

  • Went to my first concert.


I don’t want to stop. I am ready to make this next year my best one yet. I am sharing with you what I am going to work towards over the next 365 days.

TAKE MORE ROAD TRIPS WITH MY FAMILY. I love taking trips with my family. This year we planned on taking a road trip through California but that isn’t happening. Here is to finding more road trips to take instead.

HIKE MORE. We have always loved exploring and I really want this summer and fall to be filled with exploring. I love the mountains. It truly is my happy place. I want to find places to go that will be fun to explore for the whole family. Do you have any amazing spots that you would recommend?

I WILL PUBLISH MY FIRST BOOK. I am currently working with someone to publish a blogging planner that will be for sale. I am beyond excited. This has been on my goals list for many years. So stay tuned as this dream comes to fruition. I will also finish the other book that I keep putting off.

I WILL GET A SECOND TATTOO. I got my first tattoo in January and I can’t wait to get another one. Now to finalize what I really want and go in.

I WILL HOST ANOTHER EMPOWERING PHOTO SHOOT FOR WOMEN. I have been wanting to do this again since I did my first one. It is time that this happens and we create strong and empowered women to fall in love with their bodies.

I WANT TO HELP 24 WOMEN SHARE THEIR STORIES. I love teaching women how to build their blog and create their brand. It fills me up to see women empowering themselves and embracing their stories. I want to make a bigger impact.

I want to take a moment to thank everyone who has already wished me a happy birthday. I truly appreciate all of you in my life and I am incredibly grateful for all of you. I am going to celebrate with my family and be incredibly grateful for turning 35. Thank you for being here on my journey. I hope I inspire you as much as you inspire me.

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