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You Are Going to Rewrite Your Story

There have been moments in my life when I believe that there is no possible way that my story can change. I begin to feel sorry for myself. I begin to question my abilities. I take myself down a dark path of self-sabotage and days of feeling unworthy. I am now just coming out of one of those cycles.

I can recognize it happening because I have been here many different times, for many different reasons. It usually starts with someone's words that break just the right piece of me. The piece that sends me into a spin, wondering which way is up.

Words that, maybe for most, don't mean anything but to me, they end up creating a huge shift in my self-perception.


Sunday morning I meditated. Like every morning for the past few months. It has become a non-negotiable in my life. This morning was different. This morning triggered something that I was needing to hear. Hear from someone other than friends.

The latest cycle has had me feeling like I am just not cut out to be a blogging coach. In the last few months, I have had 5 women reach out to me for my services. And ALL 5 of those women have seemed to ghost me. Completely disappear. Leaving me to wonder if what I say I am good at, is what I really am good at?!

So I began writing a story. A story about my life. And this story tells the world that I don't believe in who I am or what I do. This story reminds me on a daily basis that I am just not good enough or worthy enough of my dreams and goals.

Have you ever told yourself a similar story?

My Sunday morning meditation ended by talking about writing my story. It was a guided meditation about getting rid of things that no longer serve you in your life.

For me those things included…





*Toxic relationships including with myself

During the meditation, we sent those things floating down a river. The most impactful part of this meditation came at the end. When I picked up a book that was empty.


I'm sure you have heard often how many times you can just rewrite your story. It seems impossible. It seems like it is something that can only happen in the movies.

In 2014, that was the first rewrite of my life. When I gave myself permission to become a different person than the one I currently was. Since then rewriting my story has felt like second nature. Something that I can do when I need to but realizing that I was still lacking in parts when it came to the rewritten version.

I was leaving the key ingredients in those rewrites that were always holding me back.





*Toxic relationships including with myself

These were still inside of me. Festering until those negative cycles overtook my life and left me feeling drained, confused and even more unworthy.

Today the story changes and it begins without those key ingredients.


So how does this actually happen?

What are the ways that we can add new key ingredients to our life story?

We first must choose this option. Rewriting and creating our new life first begins by choosing to do it. It isn't just about saying that we are going to do it. It is time that we make a promise to ourselves. We take a pledge to begin again.

Today I choose to begin creating the life I want with the key ingredients that I need to flourish and grow. I know that it will not be easy but I know that I have the strength and courage to make this happen. I pledge to myself to allow the moments to teach me and to remind me that I am worthy and unstoppable in my pursuit of rewriting my life.

Identify the areas where you are struggling. This can feel daunting to do but in order to truly rewrite your life, you want to know what areas you want to focus on. You don’t and I don’t recommend, starting with EVERYTHING all at once. Creating this list will help you to identify the areas that you want to work on and where you want to begin.

Create a list of ways that you hold yourself back in the areas that you listed. This is really about looking into your life and finding ways that you are keeping yourself at bay. This may be a bit hard to do but make sure that you are completely honest and objective when it comes to this aspect of rewriting your story.

It is not easy to look at yourself and write out the ways you are playing small and questioning yourself but it is the ONLY way to be able to make the changes that are necessary.

Here are a few ways that I doubt myself and the words I say to myself to believe them.


  1. I ask a friend to read my blog posts before I publish to tell me if they are good or not.

  2. I don’t send off guest blog posts.

  3. After I send someone a quote for my business, I second guess myself and the prices that I am charging.

  4. I shouldn’t claim to be an expert because there are people out there who know more than me.

  5. My clients did the work to get the results, I shouldn’t have any acknowledgement.

Give EVERYTHING a name. What do YOU believe is holding you back in those areas? This is where a list like mine above is going to help. For me, they were doubt, comparison, clutter, unworthiness, and toxic relationships. By naming where you are struggling, you can begin to find ways to change those key ingredients in your life.

Rewrite those current key ingredients to new ones that are going to serve you better. So my new ingredients are going to be…

*Focus on my strengths


*Unclutter my life

*Challenge my beliefs about myself

*Dig into my shadows

By adding in these new ingredients, I am giving myself the ability and the challenge to rewrite and grow into the person that I want to become. It isn’t going to be easy but knowing what I need to focus on means that I have an outline to be able to create a plan to do that.


Now that you have what is holding you back and new key ingredients that you want to add into your life, it is ALL about implementation. What do you need to do to create an implementation plan that works for your life?

Write down ways that you can help to overcome your current struggles. This is where you want to start when you begin to create a plan. You need to have ideas and options of what to do before you can put a plan in place. A few ways that help me overcome my current struggles are…

  1. Meditation

  2. Journaling

  3. Walking

  4. Yoga

  5. Long showers

  6. Affirmations

  7. Blog

  8. Gratitude

Grab a calendar. Once you have your list created, you can begin to create a schedule that works for you. Personally, I meditate two times a day, I journal once a day, I say affirmations or listen to affirmations one to two times a day, I write a gratitude list once a day and I blog three times a week.

Write down what is going to work with you. Just like blogging, you are going to want to start small. If you are new to meditation, meditate for 5 minutes a day and build it up from there. Don’t start with everything all at once.

Why did I include blogging on the list? Well because it is one of the ways that I manage and cope with what I am going through. Sharing my story and my journey helps me to help other women. By teaching other women to blog, I am filling up my cup. By allowing my true self to be showcased in my blog, I am showing the transformation that I am making. My followers and my readers are seeing the journey and the results that I get.

Start today. Don’t put it off until tomorrow because when that happens, you won’t do it then either. This is all about rewriting and creating a life that you love. Why would you want to wait for that?

Rewriting your story can be scary and intimidating but by breaking it up, you don’t need to feel overwhelmed and unworthy of starting over.

The best part...

is that you can use all of the steps above to help you start your own blog. All those steps will help you to create content, blogging categories and more when it comes to starting your own blog.

I know that you are ready to rewrite your story. Let me help you do that by creating a blog to help you share your journey. The next round of Blogology begins on March 7, 2021. Grab your spot today.

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