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Real Life Truths From Female Entrepreneurs

This blog post started out completely different. I was going to share with you 5 real-life lessons that I have learned by being a business owner. I am lucky enough to be surrounded by so many amazing women entrepreneurs that I knew the blog post needed to be different.

I wanted all those amazing women to share their real-life business lessons. So that is what I am showing you today. I am going to start with what I have learned.


If you aren't passionate about your business, no one else will be either.

You want your energy to be contagious. You want your passion to draw your people in. Show them why you created your business.

If you aren’t your real self, people will know.

Be yourself. If you try to be something you are not, you are going to scare people off. Your customers want to know who you really are. That is how you connect with them.

Tara from Intuition Through Love says:

Procrastination has no place in business. It is covering your fear and takes just as much energy as getting what needs to be done, done. Always do what you are most afraid of, even if it fails, it reaps the best reward.

Courtney from Smith Makeup Artistry says:

We all suck at the beginning. It’s getting up and trying again. And again. And again. Then going back to the start and trying AGAIN. Heroes are made from trying the unusual, the unexpected, and looking at every single angle. You will suck but embrace it and then let it go. Because you have to try again.

Gina from 2nd Act Life Coaching says:

It’s really important to put yourself out there and all the time. Regardless of how “ready” you feel. Let people watch you grow and evolve instead of waiting to look perfect.

Katherine from From the Pear Tree says:

First, stay in your lane. You can’t be all things to everyone. Narrowing your product offerings and being focused on your target market is important for success. Secondly, evolve with your customers and the market. The only thing that stays consistent in business and in life is change.

I seriously love all of these words that these ladies have said. They are all so true and part of the learning experience of being an entrepreneur.

What are some real-life truths that you have learned while being a business owner??

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