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Protecting Your Words From Disappearing

Every blogger’s worst nightmare is losing all of their writing. We spend hours and sometimes days on perfecting our perfect blog post to create a lasting impact on our readers, new and returning. The last thing that we want is those words that we worked hard on sculpting and becoming a piece of art to disappear.

How do you ensure that this never happens to you?

Do NOT write your blog posts ONLY on your website. I did that for years.

I have been blogging since 2014 but if you were to look at my website, my posts aren’t that old. In the beginning, I changed platforms a few times as I was trying to find what suited me and my business the best. I would take all of my posts with me every time I switched which is SO MUCH WORK!!!!

Last year, I switched to GoDaddy and WordPress and I thought that this would be my last switch. I had finally found a site that I liked and it fit my personality and brand. Then the unimaginable happened.

I went to my office to get some writing in and I signed into my website. I kept getting a message and nothing was working on my end. I couldn’t figure it out. So I messaged support and asked for help. They told me that they had completely deleted my site. DELETED MY SITE!!!!

There were many words that went through my mind in the following minutes and I continued my conversation with the tech help. They kept telling me that for $150 U.S they would restore my site as it was. I laughed through the tears and I told them that I would NEVER use them again.

I lost EVERYTHING. All of my written words from 2014. 4 years of blog posts gone in a matter of minutes and I was angry, lost, and completely frustrated. 4 years of building my audience. 4 years of writing that I would never get back.

I had to figure out what the next steps were so I began creating a new website and vowed to NEVER let that happen to me again.

Why am I talking about this?

I want you to think about where you keep your finished posts and your drafts. From that day on, I now use Google Docs for all of my writing. I then transfer it to my site when it is finished and ready to be uploaded and go live.

I now have complete control of all my writing. Do NOT be like me and lost years and years of writing. Be smart and keep everything separate. You will now have 2 copies of your writing. 1 on your website and 1 on the other platform of your choice.

How do you write your blogs before publishing them?

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