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Why My Blogging Story Matters


That was the word I chose for 2020.

A word that I love so much, I decided to tattoo it to my body.

A word that perfectly describes my life since 2014. Well….

Since forever.

I remember sitting in the tattoo artist’s chair with not one ounce of nervousness. It was my first ever tattoo but it felt so right. Words have always been a HUGE aspect of my life and this word encompassed everything about my life.

The meaning of my tattoo and why I chose the word becoming is because it is my reminder of all that I am still to be. It is paired with mountains because they represent all that I have overcome and all that I can still accomplish.

I am just a small-town girl from Wisconsin. When I made a decision as a 17-year-old girl to take on the world and venture out on my own. Be my own woman. Thinking that nothing could happen to me and that the world was at my fingertips. Little did I know that this decision would have tragic consequences for me.

I don’t have a special story.

I don’t have more pain than other people do.

What I do have is the fact that I spent TOO MANY years punishing myself for something that wasn’t my fault. For something that I had no control over. It wasn’t until I realized that that I could take the blindfold off. And once I did, the word BECOMING took over my life.


When I started my blog, I didn’t have a grand vision of what I wanted to achieve. I just knew that I had to get out of the toxic feelings and thoughts that were consuming me from the inside out. I was stagnant. I had lost myself years ago. And so I just started to blog.

I shared my story. I shared the day that my life changed for the worse. I shared the moments that I had survived and lived through but definitely did not thrive through. I shared the ugly, the hard, the painful. I shared all my broken pieces in hopes that I could begin to piece myself together.

It wasn’t the fact that I had readers at the beginning. Readers that I didn’t expect to find me. Again, I was a nobody. A woman who didn’t even know who she was.

It was the fact that I had women sending me messages. Taking time out of their days and nights to send me thoughtful messages thanking me. Thanking me for putting my pain and torment out into the world for them to read because THEY FELT THE SAME WAY!

For years I had thought that I was alone in how I felt. That the disgust, anger, hatred for myself was something that no one else would understand. I struggled for years because I was too ashamed to stand in my own sadness and depression to take control.

Those women, who took the time to message me, thought that I had helped them. What they didn’t realize is that they helped me just as much. They made ME feel less alone. They made ME feel less hatred towards myself. They made ME feel worthy of my feelings.


Realizing that there is power in your pain is a transformational point. My pain now had meaning. After years of wondering what I did to deserve the “story” of my life, I now had a reason to share my past. There was now a reason for all of those dark days.

The thing is…

You don’t need to have a traumatic story to have a powerful story. Just you being here on this planet means that you have something to offer. That there is someone out there waiting for you to share your story so that you can be their voice. So that you can be their power.

You have lessons that you have learned throughout the years. The older you get, the more you realize how much you have grown from those lessons. Lessons that may not have even seemed like lessons at that moment. Someone else is going through the same lessons and they need you. They need you to tell them that it is okay. You need them to tell you thank you for being you.

We all have a chance to change this world for the better. For those who know us and those who are going to know us, get to know us on an even deeper level. Change doesn’t happen when we wonder and question ourselves. Real change happens when we begin to accept where we are in this life and stand in the power of our past.

Your story matters.

If you are ready to start your blog, I have 2 spaces open for a November start. Let me help you share your story through blogging.

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