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Learning How to Blog with a Coach

Do you remember who your first coach was?

My mom was my first coach. There were moments that I hated it and there were moments that I loved it. My mom always treated me like every other player which totally sucked at the time but it helped me to grow my love for the sports that I played and continued to play until I graduated.

There were other coaches that made an impact on my life that to this day. I still remember them pushing me and reminding me that I am capable of reaching for anything that I wanted. Some of them had better ways of pushing me than others but they all had an impact on who I am today.

I bring that into my coaching practice. I was on a coaching call with a coach the other day and I remember her telling me that my voice is calming. I have a way of speaking that just calms the listener down and allows me to truly get through to them.

That is what I want. I want to be known for my patience, my calmness and my desire to help.


Over the past few years, there seems to have been an explosion of coaches. I am not even a big fan of the word coach. I think that there is more to what I do than coaching. There seems to be a coach for everything these days and I love that there is.

To me, that means that I am getting an expert in ANY area where I truly need the help. We can all not be everything that we need to be. That isn’t what makes anyone good at what they do. We need to maintain focus and build up our expertise.

I have been blogging for almost 6 years now. Throughout those 6 years, I have had many ups and downs.

I have had many moments of complete failures. (When my ENTIRE site was deleted for no reason and I lost 4 years of posts!)

I have had moments where everything was going right.

I have had moments that I was so completely lost and confused that I just wanted to give up.

I have had moments when people believed in me and I have had moments when people didn’t believe in me.

I know the emotional rollercoaster ride that blogging can take you on. I know the time constraints that blogging can give you. I know the effort that it takes to write a blog post. I know that blogging doesn’t end when you finally hit publish.

I am here to guide you through every one of those moments. I am here to be your friend, your confidant, your shoulder to cry on when you are just emotionally exhausted. I am here to say, take a break but ONLY a break.

If I knew when I first started blogging that there was someone out there that was willing to stand next to me, hold my hand and help me set up my entire website; my blogging journey would have been completely different.

Blogging is about putting yourself out there. About questioning yourself every time you hit publish but doing it anyway. It is about sharing your truth, your story and allowing that to connect to your readers.


Working with Samantha through the Blogology course has truly been a gift. Sam offers a blogging course like no other. She teaches the basics of building a successful blog and takes it to another level by addressing marketing aspects and analytics that I never would have considered. However, working with Sam is a true gift. She is creative, insightful and patient. She has encouraged me to refine my vision, empowering me to take my business into a different domain, a change that I believe will truly reshape the work that I’m doing. If anyone is interested in taking their blog, vision, and purpose to new levels, I highly recommend working with Sam. ~Jo

Like any coach, a blogging coach is there to not only cheer you on but show you the ins and outs. I am here to help walk you through EVERY stage of blogging. I have said this multiple times but blogging is about so much more than just putting words on a page. It is about connection. It is about teaching and helping your audience to grow and expand.

Blogging is confusing as a beginner. There are things to know that you don’t even realize that you need to know. And there is nothing wrong with that. I was once where you are so I know what it feels like to be completely out of your element.

I love being able to break down the blogging process in easy bite-sized pieces so you can truly begin to understand the whole process. I don’t teach expert bloggers. I teach you. I focus on beginner bloggers because I love being able to share the whole process with someone. I love seeing them come into my program with an idea and leave my program with a blog and a plan. Something that they may have given up on being able to do.

I want you to fall in love with blogging as much as I have. I want you to know and feel the healing process that I had. I want you to impact the world by sharing your truth. There is power in words. There is a power in your story that is waiting to get out.

I read something today that stuck with me. This is from the book, There’s No Plan B For Your A Game by Bo Eason.

Flip your struggle; flip your story. Let it be rocket fuel. Let it be what drives you. Talk about it so people can relate to you as a real person who’s been through the struggle, so they can locate themselves in your story.


You will not only walk away with a blog that you love but you will walk away with a belief that you can do it. I will be your biggest cheerleader FOREVER.

You will walk away with a plan. You will know how to create your blogging content and the content for your social media platforms.

You will walk away with blogging knowledge. It is a group program that has a 1 on 1 element. I truly love being able to give you the 1 on 1 attention that you deserve so that we can focus on YOUR BLOG, YOUR GOALS and YOUR OUTCOME.

You will walk away with confidence. You will know how to work on your website. You will know how to create content. You will know how to write a blog post and share it to your social media platforms.

You will have me by your side even after you are done with the program. I build a relationship with you. I don’t believe in letting you just walk away from me. I am there for support after the program is finished. I am just an email or message away when you feel like you are stuck or lost.

You will NEVER be alone. You will walk away with the tools and knowledge that you need to continue your blogging journey. We are a team.

Blogology was created with you in mind. I can’t wait to help you build your blog. I can’t wait to help you take the confusion out of blogging so that you can learn to enjoy the process. Only a few days left before Blogology starts, join today before you regret letting it pass by.

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