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Your Journey to Becoming a Blogger


That was my word for 2020.

But I have been becoming who I am now for a long time. Longer than just 2020. Longer than I even realized what was happening.

Over the past 2 days, I have shared my story. My story of feeling completely worthless and broken to helping other women share their stories.

I absolutely love what I do. So much so that i can work for hours and not realize the time has passed. Writing a blog post, creating content and watching my clients grow and expand makes me feel tremendously happy. It is in these moments that I know my place. I can feel it deep down that I am where I am supposed to be.

My journey to becoming a blogger wasn’t an easy decision. I thought about it for weeks before I decided to actually do it. I was terrified of what my family and friends would say. I was terrified of what my friends and family would think. I was terrified that those close to me would think less of me.

Silly, right? Everyone who knew me knew that writing was a huge part of who I was. I may have given up on it for years and years but it was still there. It was still a little flame inside of me that was just waiting to be released.

For years I thought that I needed to hide that flame. I needed to put on a fake smile and pretend that everything was okay. There are still moments that I find myself doing that and then I remember, I am not here to be perfect. I am not here to remain where I am. I am here to grow and to become more me than I ever thought was possible.


Blogging is just a vehicle for your story to come alive. It is a way for you to speak your truth and to acknowledge all that you have gone through to get to where you are today. We are made of all the milestones, of all the bumps, of all the bruises that we have accumulated. We are who we are today because of EVERYTHING that we have gone through up until this very second.

Imagine being so comfortable with your past that it no longer matters what those around you say. I know, you are probably laughing but if you take little steps along the way, YOU will get there too. I know because I am there.

I can talk about my past experiences and know the role that they played in my life. I no longer care what anyone else has to say. There comes a point in your life when healing is more important than making someone else feel better. Make yourself feel better.


I want to make your journey to blogging easier than it was for me. I don’t want to watch you struggle as you try to figure out how to start a blog. I don’t want to watch you struggle as you put blogging on the back burner because it is just too confusing for you. I don’t want to watch you struggle to tell your story.

I want to help you. I want to guide you. I want to teach you.

I want to show you that blogging is an option when you have a plan. Blogging is an option when you are ready to share your story. Blogging is there to help you heal in a way that you never thought was possible.

I want you to feel empowered in your story.



We have all been there. I know I have been there more times than I would like to admit. Not doing something that we have our hearts set on because it is too hard, too far out of our comfort zone to even give it a good try.

Nothing happens inside of our comfort zone. The moment I decided to say yes to blogging, my whole life changed. Immediately there was a shift for me. A weight that was lifted off but there was more than that.

I changed the direction of my life. I stepped into my power and regained control of who I wanted to be. I became me again.


We all have a story. It doesn’t have to come with trauma attached to it but we all have obstacles that we have overcome. We all have obstacles that we have overcome that others are currently struggling with.

There are people out there just waiting to hear your story. And it is you that they need to hear it from. To me, that is the MOST amazing thing. To know that someone out there is just waiting for you to be their voice. Waiting for you to say, this is what I learned when I went through my experience.

That is true power right there.


We may not even realize the amount of healing that we have already accomplished until we look back on those moments in our life. Upon inspection, we may realize the lessons that we learned were much bigger than we anticipated.

There is always more healing to be done. This year marks 17 years since my sexual assault.

17 years and there are moments that I am right back there, defenceless and feeling defeated.

The difference is, I now fight back against feeling that way. I know that I am not defenceless. I know that I am not worthless. I know that I am more powerful than I have ever been.

Blogging allows you to truly take a deep look inside and ponder all of those emotions. It allows you to share those emotions and to connect to the people that need you.


There really aren’t any prerequisites to work with me but there are a few important pieces that you must have.

A desire to learn. You must be willing to let me help you. I do know what I am talking about and I love sharing the knowledge that I have gained over the past 6 years of blogging. I still learn every single day that I get out of bed. It is what allows me to be the best that I can be for my clients and I ask the same of them. Be willing to listen and learn from an expert.

A willingness to step out of your comfort zone. I believe in playing big. I believe in pushing my clients so that they get results. This means that you need to get uncomfortable. It means that you need to be willing to play big as well. I truly can’t help you if you are not willing to step into your power.

Dedication to our time together. Things happen and as a coach, I know that. There have been times that my clients and even myself have had to reschedule time together because life happens. I am flexible as I have a family and a small one still at home. I get it. When we are together, we cover a lot of material. I want you to be focused and to be present. That is all I ask.

If you are ready to take the leap into starting your own blog, I am here to help you. November is the last month that you can get my lowest priced coaching package. I am revamping my services to better serve my clients. You will lock the rate in for the 3-month package. I can’t wait to help you start your blog.

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