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Increase Your Productivity with the Blogging Intensive

Can you start a blog without the Digital Blogging Intensive?

Yes, yes you can.

The thing is, why would you want to?

I remember all the time that I spent at the beginning of my blog journey trying to figure everything out. Doing it all by myself. Walking away from my computer in such frustration because I didn’t understand the simplest of tasks.

I was feeling overwhelmed, overworked and ready to just give in. If blogging was going to be THIS hard, I didn’t want to do it anyway.


I am stubborn and I don’t give up super easily so I would walk back up to my computer and try again. I did that for months. From trying to figure out where to get images from to blogging categories. When I first started, I think I had over 30 blogging categories. I had no rhyme or reason for doing anything I did. I just kept moving forward. Kept watching YouTube videos for hours a day. Kept writing and sharing my story because that is the one thing that I could do.


The blogging intensive is a 2-day digital intensive that will help walk you through every stage of starting a blog. It will be a live event where you can ask questions while I am live.

We will go through setting blogging goals, talking about your why and laying the foundation for you to get started.

From there we will talk about choosing a blog name, choosing a tagline, deciding on branding colours and what you need to get your colours onto your website.

We will then walk through choosing your niche, choosing keywords and how to break them down into blogging categories.

I will show you how to set up SEO for your website. I will show you what you need to have in every blog post that you write.

I will show you how to set up your social media accounts and how to create a content calendar that focuses on your blog posts. We will go more in-depth and I will show you how to create graphics and how to get them set up and scheduled on your social media platforms.

We will talk about blogging tools that you should be using every day as a blogger and how to set them up.

We will talk about monetizing your site. Even if you don’t want to do it right away (and I suggest that you don’t as a beginner), we can at least brainstorm some ideas to put into play when the time comes.

We will also talk about email lists. Helping you get an email platform set up and start building your list from day one.

We will literally go through EVERYTHING that you need to know to get your blog started.

So YES, you certainly can start your blog by yourself but wouldn’t it be much easier to have someone walking you through the process. That someone that gives you the chance to ask questions when you are confused.


So what does that blogging intensive have to do with your productivity?

Think for a moment what you would do with a plan. Having a plan is what the blogging intensive will help you discover. Walking through setting up a blog with an expert means that you aren’t needlessly spending your time looking up YouTube videos of how to start your blog. Instead, you are focusing on ways to help build and grow your blog.

I am helping you through all of the groundwork that you need to set up and start your blog. You will walk away from this intensive knowing how to set up a content plan around your schedule. You will walk away from this intensive with blog content ideas that will help you keep your audience engaged. You will walk away with your website setup in 2 days all without trying to figure out how to do it on your own.

No more fighting the urge to throw your computer.

No more giving up because you just don’t know how to do it.

Say yes to starting your blog.

Say yes to sharing your story.

Say yes to impacting the world and changing your way of healing.

Say yes to blogging.

Say yes to the Blogging Intensive.

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