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How to Work with a Freelance Blogger While Maintaining Your Voice

I get it! Your story is your story and you don’t want anyone to diminish the facts and change it up. You want YOUR emotion to shine through. YOU want your words to shine through. You want YOU to shine through.

You are ready to share your story, your truth but you don’t know how to begin. You have a business or maybe you don’t but you want to make a difference in someone’s life by sharing your past. Words may elude you. You may feel as if you can feel all the feelings but you are just unsure of how to put those feelings into words.

That is where I come in. I help you to articulate YOUR words, YOUR story, YOUR emotions.


Is that the fear that you are having? That somewhere along the line, your story is no longer going to be yours. How do we change that? How do I help you move past that fear and begin to share your story with my help?

Your story will never be mine but I can use my skill and my passion to help you begin to share your stories with the words that you can not form. Sometimes we are so close to our own story that we don't know how to emotionally detach ourselves from them. Retelling them leaves us battered and bruised and we don't want to feel like that.

Sharing your story is terrifying. Sharing your story can shatter the thoughts that you have had about yourself. It allows you to evaluate what truly happened and how you moved past the experience. If you are still in that experience, it allows you to open up a dialogue that allows healing to happen.

A connection is extremely important to me. That is why I changed up my blogging packages and why I choose to work with the women that I do. Without having a connection with your freelance blogger, you will feel unconnected to your own story. You will begin to avoid your blog. I deeply believe in the power of sharing our stories and I am ready to help you begin.


#1. We talk. Communication is key. I want to know your story first hand. I want to feel the emotions that you go through as you tell me your past. I get to know you. I get to connect with you in ways that I couldn’t if we didn’t talk. I want to know your pains, your emotions, your happiness. I want to learn all about you so that I can turn all of those intimate moments into words that communicate YOUR story.

#2. I watch your social media accounts. I can learn a lot by watching how you communicate with others and how you communicate to your audience through your social media accounts. I can see if you use humour, drama, or another emotion to engage with your clients. I will engage with you on social media. I want to get to know the real authentic you.

#3. We work as a team. Being a blogging ghostwriter means that we work together. This isn’t about just giving me the work and you walking away. Well, it is and isn’t. I want to be able to send you drafts and you let me know if anything needs to be fixed, added, or taken out. I want you to share your insecurities, your doubts, your fears. Because we all have them. This doesn’t mean that I will share those things, it means that I get to know you on an even deeper level and get to know you well enough that I can share your story in your words.


#1. Be open and honest. Let them know what you are expecting and what you are truly wanting out of the working partnership. If there are parts of your story that you don't want to be shared, let your freelance blogger know that. In order for a relationship like this to work, you need to be able to talk to them.

#2. Ask questions. It is okay to ask questions. This will help keep an open dialogue. We all have questions that come up when we are working with someone. Especially when that working relationship is new. We have to learn from each other. We have to teach each other.

#3. Be yourself. As a freelance blogger, we are here to help you share your story. The way we do that is to get to know the real you. Don't hide who you are from your freelance blogger. In order for a real connection to happen with your blog readers, you need to be yourself. Readers will know when you are being insincere and they will walk away. Being yourself is the only real way to succeed as a blogger.

I work with you to share your story with your audience. I do what I do because I believe in the healing power of words. I NEVER want to take your words away from you but I know that there are moments when words are hard to come by. When the feelings that you have are so deep that you can’t imagine putting them into words. I am an outsider with an insider’s knowledge. This allows me to help you genuinely share your words while sounding like you.

If you are ready to work with a freelance blogger that helps put your story into words, I am here. If you are ready to build your business through a blog but you just don't know what to write about or even how to write a blog, I am here. I want to help build your brand through blogging content.

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