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How to Stay Productive as a Blogger

Every day we wake up with 1001 things to do. There are days when writing on our blogs is the last thing that we think we can manage and fit in. With the many roles that we play during the day, a blogger may come at the bottom of that list for some and you want to change that.

Writing is hard. It isn’t always what you need to write about, it is more the actual sitting down and DOING the writing. Now when you add working from home and children into that equation, it becomes even harder to sit down and put the pen to paper or finger to keyboard.

I am NO expert in productivity but I do have a few tricks that may help you when you are blogging. These are tips that I personally use and find help me in my day to day productivity and just keeping me on track with my personal life and my life as an entrepreneur.


Get a planner. You must create time for work. Write everything you need to do for the week in your planner. I have a couple of different planners that help me. I have 1 planner where I write all my content in and then I have one where I write appointments and what is going out that day for my business. I love the Happy Planner from Michaels and Orange Circle Studio that I found at HomeSense.

Time block. This goes right along with your planner. Set aside time to focus on work. For me, that consists of turning on a movie for my daughter and giving her a snack while I get a bit of work done. I also work during her nap period which is a HUGE bonus. I get most of my work done in the evening when the kids are asleep and my house is quiet.

Work at a desk or a specifically designated area. This puts your mind into work mode. Keep it consistent and work in the same place every day. Sometimes you can break free for creative purposes but I find that working in the same place really helps me to focus and know that it is work time.

Have a list of what you want to accomplish in your work time. I am a huge list creator. I have them for EVERYTHING. It keeps me focused on what I really wanted to accomplish. The same goes for when I am blogging. If I don’t have a list of to do’s, I feel completely overwhelmed and unsure of where to start. That means that I become less productive and my work time is wasted.

Get together with a friend for a work date. I love this one. Being an entrepreneur can be lonely BUT if you have entrepreneur friends, get together at a coffee shop or at each other’s houses and work. I do this with my friend Tara and it is fantastic. If we get stuck on something we can bounce ideas back and forth and work through the issue together.

Those are just a few of my productivity tips for blogging that I have for you. It isn’t always easy to find time to sit down and do the work especially when other things are calling our names like kids, housework, and Netflix.

Remind yourself of why you started blogging. That will help amp up your creativity (check out my blog post all about creativity) and productivity all at once. What are the productivity tips that you find useful?

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