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How Blogging Can Improve Your Mental Health

I knew early on how important writing was to get my feelings out. I was ten years old when I started to journal out my thoughts. After I lost my grandfather and my dog, I was heartbroken and unable to even know how or what to think, let alone say it out loud to anyone.

When I was sexually assaulted in 2003, I stopped writing. I wanted to get rid of anything connected to the before version of myself, so I stopped. I closed myself up and threw away the key. In the moments and years that I needed it the most, I didn’t allow myself to do it.

There are times when I wish that I had kept a journal through those years. I wish that I could look back and see what I was feeling and what I was struggling with within those moments.

In the beginning, I didn’t think of myself as a mental health blogger. I just wanted to write to share my story. I never gave my mental health a thought. I was just a mom struggling through life, thinking that that was just the way that it needed to be.


Before we jump into the mental health benefits of blogging, I wanted to share with you some of the physical benefits of blogging. The studies have been going on since the 1980s according to the American Psychological Association.

A few of the benefits of short-term focused writing can help with (source)…

  1. Enhanced immune function

  2. Lower blood pressure

  3. Decreased heart rate

  4. Lessons sleep disturbances

  5. Reduces asthma and arthritis symptoms

7 benefits of blogging for your mental health
7 benefits of blogging for your mental health

I think it is incredible that writing can not only have mental health benefits but physical benefits for our bodies. I know that I am now going to use writing as my reason for not getting sick very often. Think that is a great idea?!?!


I want to share with you some of the benefits that I have experienced myself since I have started blogging. Some of these benefits you can feel instantly and some of them take a little while to build up over time.

Benefit #1| The ability to vent and release thoughts. I know that as a woman, I can hold my thoughts in and not share what I am feeling. The emotions build up inside of me and before I realize it, I am blowing up at my kids over something trivial because I just didn’t release the negative thoughts sooner.

There have been times that I have written extremely emotional blog posts and though they are sometimes the hardest ones to write and they leave me feeling drained, I walk away with a weight lifted off of my shoulders. I sleep better once I get those thoughts out of my head.

Benefit #2| I clarify my feelings. There are moments when I just don’t know how I am feeling. Trying to talk to someone seems impossible because I don’t know what to say to them. Writing gives me a chance to get it all out.

It may not make sense at first but once I start writing, I allow myself to just keep going. Don’t stop. Don’t interrupt. I will then go back and reread what I wrote and sometimes it is clear as day to me what I was feeling.

Other times, I will send my blog post to a trusted friend and ask her to read it to ensure that it even makes sense. (Sometimes I get caught up in my emotions.) She will then talk to me and put my thoughts and feelings into different words and explain them back to me. She is like a magical translator who makes sure that what I am writing and feeling is being expressed in the blog posts that I write. We should all have someone like that in our life.

Benefit #3| Easier to express my thoughts in writing versus speaking. I can easily get caught up when I am trying to say something emotional. I fumble around as if I can’t keep my thoughts straight.

I don’t have that issue when I start writing. It is easier for me to write out my thoughts and feelings than it is to speak them. I can be more descriptive. I don’t have to worry about emotions taking over and not being able to actually communicate what I need to.

Benefit #4| It took my healing to another level. I am a HUGE advocate of counselling. It should be part of your healing process but there is more to healing than just counselling. You need to create a toolbox that you have access to throughout the healing journey.

When I was pregnant with my third in 2016, I thought that I had the whole mother thing down. I was a “pro” at that point and was ready to bring in baby #3 with no issues. I didn’t have postpartum depression with my first two so I thought I was safe.

I wasn’t.

It hit me hard. By the time she was three months, I was struggling but hiding that struggle. I wanted to be the woman who could handle her kids, home and life in general. I was ashamed that after the two years of being on my healing journey, I hadn’t gotten any further ahead.

It was then that I realized, it was BECAUSE of the healing journey that I was experiencing this PPD. I had worked through so much sh** and darkness that I was now noticing when I was off. I probably had PPD with my first two but because I was so deep into hiding all of my emotions and all of who I was, it just felt like my normal life.

It wasn’t easy. There were dark days and there still are but I know how to handle the dark days. For the most part, I can feel them coming and I can prepare myself.

Benefit #5| I was no longer alone. As a survivor, we know that we aren’t alone. We know that we aren’t the only person to ever become a victim but that doesn’t mean that it is any less lonely. For so many years, there was this hole inside. I couldn’t fill it. I struggled with it for so long that I thought that I would just need to live with it. I didn’t know how to even fill it.

The messages.

It was the messages that I started to get. They started to fill that void that I had been feeling for so long. Women that were taking their time to send me messages. Thanking me for sharing my story. Telling me that I wasn’t alone. I was able to build a community around me that understood me. That knew what I was going through and how I was feeling. They understood the messy and the complicated. They were my people and I had been searching for them for so long even when I didn’t realize it.

Benefit #6| Creating a business based on my story. I never thought that I would make blogging my business. It was never in the plan for me. I struggled to know what I wanted to do and who I wanted to be for a very long time. Even now, when someone asks me how I started my business, I tell them that blog coaching fell into my lap with the help of a friend.

I love that I can take my story, my past and use it to help other women. October of this year will be year number seven since I started my blog. WOW!!! I have been blogging for seven years! I love being able to teach women that they can use their experiences to create a business and a life that suits them. Imagine having a business that is based on your story, your experience, your expertise. That is what I can help you with.

Benefit #7| An important piece of my self-care routine. Blogging is more than my business. It is an integral part of my life and my self-care routine. I feel lost if I am not writing. I can’t imagine giving it up. There have been moments that I have wanted to walk away, questioned what I was doing and wondering if I was making a difference in anyone’s life. BUT I know that even in those times, I can’t walk away.

My body and my mind crave the time that I write. It can feel the difference when I don’t write versus when I do.

If you are ready to start a blog to help you share your story, I am ready to help. The Blog to Heal program starts in September and I have room for 5 women to join. This program is a combination of group coaching and 1:1 coaching. I teach you how to set up your blog and create a blogging brand while also teaching you healing techniques that I use in my daily life.


Sign up by August 20 and you will receive these bonuses. Stay tuned for SPECIAL bonuses that are yet to be announced.

BONUS #1| Checklists to help you get ready for the program and a calendar to help you prepare for self-care.

BONUS #2| 30-day self-love journal by Goddess In Training coaching.

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