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How a Freelance Blogger Can Help You

Is your blog sitting on the internet with cobwebs?

Do you struggle to get blog posts written?

Did you think the answer would be a freelance blogger?

Freelancing seems to have taken off over the past few years. You can really get help from an expert on any portion of your business that is not your strong suit and that includes blogging. Just like any other person that you hire to help with your business, you want to make sure that you ask the right questions. You want to ensure that the relationship that you are building is going to be built together.

Blogging is a personal way to connect to your audience so ensuring that your freelance blogger and you get along and have the same ideas is important for the success of your relationship.

I truly believe that you will know within that first meeting if you can work together. There are some individuals that you can’t work with. Not because you don’t like them but you just don’t connect as you did with someone else.

When hiring a freelancer, the key is a partnership and to have a great partnership, you must have a great connection. A connection will allow the blogger to get to know you more completely and help to translate that into your blog posts.


A freelancer blogger is just like a freelance writer except that they write blog posts. Freelance blogging is different than freelance writing and I will go into some of the differences below but first, what does a freelance blogger do?

A freelance blogger gets your blog posts written, edited, and scheduled on your website. They write everything as if they are you. They do not take credit for writing the blog posts. The blog posts that they create for you are yours to keep and use as you wish.

Having a freelance blogger helps to free up your time so that you don’t need to spend countless hours writing on your blog. We all know how time-consuming blogging can be.


There are similarities for both of these professions however there are many differences between writing and blogging.

Freelance bloggers tend to work with clients on a longer basis. Blogs need to be updated consistently to keep up the SEO work and to maintain their brand impact. This means that you don’t hire a freelance blogger to do 1 or 2 posts. This again is why relationship and connection are important. You want your freelance blogger to be able to bring great ideas to your brand as well as be able to execute these ideas with little guidance.

Freelance blogging requires you to have knowledge of the industry that you are working in. Freelancer bloggers typically do not work in any and all industries. In order for them to be good at their jobs, they need to focus and be an expert in a specific niche. So for example, I am a freelance blogger in the self-care niche. It is a passion of mine as well as being an expert in that field. I have done public speaking events dealing with self-love and self-care.

You want your freelance blogger to know the industry that you are in so that they can add their knowledge and expertise to your business. This will help to grow your brand visibility in your field of expertise.

I have said many times that blogging is more than just writing. It is about engaging with your audience. It is about allowing them into your life and showing them parts of it that can help them understand you and your business. It is about SEO and technicalities of blogging. Not everyone wants to learn SEO or understands it. And that is okay. Having a freelance blogger to help you means that you don’t need to learn or understand it. That is their job.

Freelance blogging is also about coming up with a plan to help take your blog to the next level. Creating a content calendar for your social media that can be based around your blog is a great resource to have. You want your freelance blogger to be creative and to have ideas that they can help to bring your business in front of new clients and allow your returning clients to know you even more than they already do.


Whether you are looking at hiring a VA or a business coach, you always go in having questions that you want to be answered. Hiring a freelance blogger is no different. There are some brands that don’t want anyone knowing that they work with a freelance blogger so it can be hard to come up with a portfolio of work that they have done.

I have created a workbook that you can use to ask the important questions of the freelance blogger. Hiring a freelance blogger won’t only come down to how they answer these questions. Remember it is about a relationship with them. Did you click with them? Were you comfortable with them as you were talking and learning about each other? Listen to the nonverbal cues that you are getting.

Remember that you are hiring a freelance blogger to help you take your brand and your blog to the next level. You want to know what they can bring to the table. Not only with their experience but what ideas do they have and how do they see your brand and blog in 3 months’ time.

Enjoy this workbook, Hiring a freelance blogger. And remember if you are ever looking for a freelance blogger and are in the self-care industry, I would love to help you.

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