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Using The Summer To Grow Your Business

Warm weather


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I ABSOLUTELY LOVE SUMMERTIME!! This is where life happens. Winter is not my thing but the second the warm weather comes, I am ready to live life to the fullest.

As a business owner, you are so ready to take a break and live in the summer months like everyone else is but what about your business?

Do you struggle to manage your business while taking time with your family?

Do you lose focus and just let your business run wild while you enjoy the few months of summer?

I love summer for all the memories that I can make with my kids BUT I also love to focus on my business and continue to build it during these months.


Summer means families spending lots of time together and that means that if they own a business, they take a step back so that they can enjoy the few short months of warm weather that we see. Depending on the type of business you have, that may be possible.

But what about those businesses, like mine, that are run only by one person and you don’t have a team to help you when you take a step back?

A sandy beach by the ocean. Using the summer to grow your business.

It can be hard but there are a lot of businesses like this that take the much-needed break and there is NOTHING WRONG WITH THIS! Taking breaks is a necessary part of life and you deserve it as much as anyone else.

However, I LOVE being able to continue to grow my business during these months because there are a lot of businesses who are ready to take that break and that is where I step in. I can help them continue to build their business and continue having their business be active on their blog or their social media platforms but enjoy a break themselves.

Here are a few of the ways that you can use summer to your advantage in building your business.

Benefit One: You can focus on building your brand authority.

I have already said it but there are a lot of businesses that take time off during the summer which means that it gives you more of an opportunity to build your audience and your authority. Taking the summer months and focusing on pieces of your business that will help you get in front of new audiences and new opportunities means that you are going to build brand awareness.

Benefit Two: Reach out to businesses that you serve and see if you can help them.

If you run a business like I do and can serve small businesses over the summer, start reaching out and see if they could use your expertise. This is a great time to start building up a portfolio and meeting new and potential clients. Even if they aren’t ready right now, showing them that you are ready to work with them over the summer, may put you at the top of their list come fall when they are ready to hire.

Benefit Three: Less competition.

First, I want to say that I absolutely HATE the word competition. I don’t believe in competition when it comes to business because we all offer something to the clients that we attract. I couldn’t think of another way to put it so that is the word that I am going to use.

If more small businesses decide to take a break during the summer months, this means that if you work through these months, you possibly could be one of the few that is consistently showing up when other businesses aren’t. This can give you an advantage to those who are looking to hire for the services or products that you offer.

How do you go about using the summer to grow your business when you have so much going on? Well, let’s jump in on some tips to help you build and grow over the next couple of months.


The benefits are great to know but you are still questioning if this is possible for you to do. It is great in theory but how do you put a plan in place to use summer to your advantage?

I always talk about having a plan and a strategy and walking into the summer without either one is going to make you want to walk away and forget that I even suggested working in your business over these next few months.

Make a plan

What do you want to achieve and focus on for these next few months? Think about a goal or two that you want to achieve through the summer months. This will help to give your actions a direction. This will allow you to make a plan that has a destination.

Want some creative ideas for the goals you set? Read this blog post about creative goals for 2022.

Hire help

Summer is the perfect time to get help with your business. This allows you to take some things off of your plate (like social media or blogging, for example) and focus on the goals that you set for yourself in the first tip.

As entrepreneurs, we feel like we need to do everything ourselves. I know that I get caught up in this all of the time. The problem is, we just don’t have the time. We still want to be able to focus on family time, self-care time, and anything else that comes up. Here are some benefits of hiring help for your content.

The same is true for any other time of the year but when you are digging even deeper into your business to help it grow, finding someone that can do the tasks that take up the most time or that you just don’t enjoy, will make all of the difference.

Refresh your creative content

I find that in the summer, I want things that feel flowy, fresh, and open. Does that make sense?

Look at your creative content and what about it can you change over the summer?

  • Can you create a new opt-in?

  • Can you reword the copy on your website?

  • Can you put new photos on your website of yourself?

What can you do to bring freshness to all of your content? Think outside the box.

Try something new that you haven’t done before

Sometimes we can get stuck in our own heads and think our ideas are stupid or that they just won’t work. Why not take these next few months to try something new and see what happens?

I am a big believer that if it doesn’t work, move on to the next thing. You may be feeling braver if you do it now when others are so busy with their summer plans.

Try that opt-in that you thought of.

Reach out to that other business you want to collaborate with.

Try something new. You never know if it is going to help you build your business even more.

Host a summer get together

Now, this doesn’t have to be in person BUT it can be. With the world getting back to normal, this is a great way to bring the summer in. I am going to start planning something.

You can do this as a workshop and do it party style.

You can do this as a customer appreciation event.

Honestly, you can do this in ANY WAY that calls to you. Have fun with it!!

Repackage your products or services

This doesn’t have to mean the actual packaging. Think of ways that you can increase the value to your clients over the summer.

For me, I am doing it with a coupon code for the month of June because it is my birthday month. For July and August, I will be thinking of different ways that I can create a fun way to increase the value for my new and current clients.

Summertime means fun and sun BUT that doesn’t mean that you can’t truly focus even more on your business. If you are looking for help with blogging or social media content creation, reach out to me. Use the code BIRTHDAY on my website to save 37% on any service.

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