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Gifts Bloggers Really Want This Year

I know! I know! You have probably seen more gift guides that you would like to but it is that time of year. A time when we take time to truly figure out what the best gift to give someone is. You want to wow them. You want them to remember the gift that you gave them. You want them to feel special.

Do you remember your favourite gift?

I have two favourite gifts and both of them were from my husband. One year, he gave me a laptop so that I didn’t have to type my blog posts on my phone anymore. That was a lifesaver gift. The other one was the beautiful desk that he bought me. I love it. It suits me perfectly and it reminds me every time I see it how thoughtful of a gift that it was.

I’d love to say that this guide is different than most but there are some truly amazing gift guides out there. I do love everything that I have on this list and I have all of them on my list. This blog post is specifically for bloggers.

I wanted to create a list that would not only benefit every blogger out there but would help to save time and effort when they are creating their blog posts and so much more.

Some of these gifts are associated with my affiliate links. These affiliates do not cost you more money. A portion of the fee you pay will be paid to me. I truly believe these gifts will help any blogger that you know. I use these products every day.


The Ultimate Blogging Planner

Yes, this is totally a plug on my own product but I truly believe that this planner will help EVERY blogger out there. It has over 260 pages of blog organization heaven. You can keep track of everything from sponsored posts to guest posts to your blogging goals each and every month. It is a 6-month blogging planner and has been redesigned to be bigger and better. You can purchase the blogging planner here.

Canva subscription

Every blogger needs to use Canva. It is one of the best ways to create graphics as a blogger. It is especially great if you are a beginner blogger and need an easy way to design your own graphics. They have layouts and templates for every size of graphic that you need. I use Canva every single day and I love it. You can use my Canva affiliate link to purchase a yearly or monthly subscription.


If you are a blogger, from the beginning you should be growing your email list. That is something that I didn’t start right away and it was such a mistake. I have used many email platforms out there and have struggled with most of them. I found Flodesk about two months ago and absolutely LOVE LOVE how easy it is to use and the price. If you are looking to create beautiful newsletters, this is the best place for it. You can use my affiliate link to save on your monthly cost for Flodesk. With this link, you will save 50%.

Pinterest course by Ell Duclos

I absolutely love this Pinterest course by Boss Girl Bloggers. Seriously the best one out there. Ell makes sure to consistently update it with new information when it comes out. Pinterest is a must-learn when it comes to blogging. You can gain massive traffic through it and with this course, your traffic will just grow and grow. You can use my affiliate link to get in on this amazing Pinterest course. Once purchased, you have lifetime access to it.


This is a platform that I have recently found but have fallen in love with. Finding time to post content can be time-consuming. Any way that I can save myself time and energy while not losing my reach is a win for me. There are so many scheduling platforms out there but this one by far has amazing options for a low price. It is $9/month U.S. There is also a free option that you can use but you get double the posts with the least expensive plan that they have. It allows 4 social media platforms for that price (Pinterest, FB page, IG, and Twitter). It is a great way to set yourself up for success and ensure that your content is always live even when you just don’t feel like doing anything. With my affiliate link, I will not receive payment from them. Instead, I receive more posts per month. You can use my affiliate link to get access to Later.

Local Room Rental

I think this is a great option for any blogger BUT an even better one if you create courses or want to create courses. My house is loud and crazy and I would love to be able to go to a space that allows me to create recordings for my courses. Check your local area for them. If you are local to the Calgary area, I recommend checking out Studio Me Coworks. I know that they are on my Christmas list.


Do you have a woman in your life that has been talking about starting a blog but really has no idea how to do that? Blogology is my 7-week blogging course that takes you through EVERY stage of the blogging process. You do not need a website set up in order to take this course. The next round begins on January 10, 2021, so this would make the perfect Christmas gift. Plus watch out for my Black Friday specials as I may have something special up my sleeve.

Blog coaching

You can also sign up that lady in your life for my 1 on 1 coaching services. This is where I will help them for 12 weeks to get their blog up and running or help with an existing blog. I love helping women share their stories through blogging. Again, watch for my Black Friday specials as I may have something special.

Ok so I gave you more than 7 gifts to give to the bloggers in your life but they are all gifts that I highly recommend. The bloggers in your life would all love to be supported the best that they can be. If you don’t know what they are wanting, support their own shop if they have one. This is a great way to support not only the blogger in your life but a small business.

If you have any questions about any of these products and services that I shared, please reach out and I will help you in any way that I can.

If you want to stay in touch to see what specials I have for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, join my email list. You will then be the first to know of the amazing specials for those 2 days.

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