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Learning to Feel Safe Within Yourself

Today I want you to look at self-love in a new light.

Feeling safe within yourself.

I didn’t feel safe for a long time. I thought that I needed to hide who I was. Cover up the past because it wasn’t safe for me to do so. Not in the typical way of thinking about safety. I wasn’t worried about physical harm in any way. I was worried about the emotional trauma that was possible if I shared my story. I was worried about the mental trauma that was possible if I showed everyone the real version of me. I didn’t want to feel weak or broken any more than I already had. Hiding within myself meant that I could pretend to have strength. It meant that I could pretend that I was happy. That kept me safe but in a fake way.

I want you to feel safe enough in yourself and in your story that you can begin to share it.


I have an amazing woman in my life. You have heard me talk about her before but she deserves to be mentioned again. Jody is one of the closest friends that I have ever had. I don’t have to hide around her. I can cry and scream and shout and celebrate while she sits there and truly listens to what I say. With a simple sentence, she can change the outlook of my day and give me a reason to keep moving forward.

Yesterday was rough. It was an emotional day for me. A day when tears were flowing with no way to stop them. I have learned throughout this process that I don’t need to stop them. I need to listen to the tears when they come.

Yesterday was a day that I just didn’t have it in me to celebrate anyone. I couldn’t hear about anyone’s wins anymore. This doesn’t make me unsupportive. It makes me human. It means that I need to focus on the inner work that I have been doing.

I have been avoiding writing this blog post since last night. I grabbed my computer but sat at the screen staring through a tear-soaked face. I just couldn’t bring myself to write anything, let alone something that was going to be uplifting. And in a single sentence this morning when I was talking to Jody about how I am avoiding it she says…

What are you hoping it will inspire for the few that attend and what will it mean for you.

So here I am, telling you what I hope this masterclass will inspire within you.


Even in my younger days, I wanted to inspire. I wanted to inspire others to not give up. I was the friend that people would come to and ask questions and just talk. I was the one who knew how to make someone feel better. It was my gift. Maybe that is one of the reasons why my past happened. I needed to find a way to inspire more women to lead lives that they have always dreamed about.

Inspiration is the purpose behind this masterclass.

*I want to inspire you to accept your past and to embrace who you are in the present moment.

*I want to light a fire so bright inside of you that you can’t help but take action. (That is for Jody.)

*I want you to know that deep within you, your story is ready to be shared and to change the lives of others.

*I want you to believe in the magic of yourself once again.

Life is hard. Healing is hard. Learning how to love yourself is hard. BUT nothing is harder than staying stuck in a cycle that drains your life away from you. NOTHING is harder than hating who you are every single day of your life. NOTHING is harder than believing that you don’t matter. NOTHING is harder than dimming your own light so that you don’t make others uncomfortable.

I hated myself.

I didn’t believe in myself.

I dimmed myself.

I know you have too and I know that is why you are searching. Searching for someone who can help you out of feeling like nothing. Searching for someone who can help you begin to see that the reflection staring back at you is powerful and beautiful. Let me inspire you to search within and find the courage that you have hidden so well.


I see myself in every one of my clients. I can feel the pain and see the scars. I can see the hopelessness and the hopefulness all at once. You are me. I was you.

By helping you share your story, I can heal on an even deeper level. Your healing rubs off on me. You teach me new lessons. Lessons that I don’t even know I need to learn yet. You teach me how to be better, how to do better and how to open up on the next level so that I can continue to coach women who need to hear my story.

You aren’t just becoming my client. You are also becoming my teacher.


Healing is a journey and the Write Your Story masterclass is just the beginning of yours. I found that as I was healing, I went through three major themes. JUDGEMENT, WORTHLESSNESS AND NEW BEGINNINGS. It was around these three themes that I created this masterclass.

We begin with judgement. Why? Because right now YOU are judging yourself so harshly that you are making it impossible for the real you to come out. You are taking the words that others have said to you and are now saying them to yourself. You feel unsafe within yourself because you have been judging everything about yourself.

It is time to step out of judging who you are and learn how to embrace her. By learning that those judgements that are replaying in your head aren’t yours, you can begin to retrain yourself into dismantling those beliefs and create new ones. That is some powerful shit.

In the judgement phase, we cover…

  1. Yes, Yes It Does

  2. Step Into the Fear

  3. Take control of your past

Worthlessness is the next phase. I found that once I worked through the judgement that I was showing myself, I began to feel worthless. Well, more than likely, I felt both of them all at once but it was because of those judgements that I felt worthless. By tearing down the judgements, we can begin to see that we are NOT worthless. You begin to learn that you are WORTHY of so much in this life.

In the worthlessness phase, we cover…

  1. Your Past Is Someone Else’s Present

  2. Purposeful Past

  3. Create Your Experience List

New beginnings. Well because we have now begun the demolition of judgements and feeling worthless, it is time to start installing some new and beautiful thoughts about ourselves. The rebuilding phase will change your life. You can begin to see your past as your past and begin to decide HOW to talk about yourself.

In the new beginnings phase, we cover…

  1. Organizing Your Story

  2. Creating a Plan

  3. Turning Experiences Into Blog Posts

Creating a new foundation after the old one is ripped out is the best way to begin the journey to deeper healing and self-love.

This masterclass is meant for you if you are ready to take control of your healing.

This masterclass is for you if you want to learn how to start a blog that is based on your story.

This masterclass is for you if you are ready to transform your life and begin to accept who you are.

The best part is…

The cost of this masterclass can be deducted from the group coaching program if you decide to join the Fierce Growth Accelerator. The Fierce Growth Accelerator will take the foundation that you learn in the Write Your Story masterclass and build upon it.

Don’t wait any longer to heal from your past. You deserve to feel the freedom, the love and the power of your own story. You deserve to feel empowered. You deserve to stop hiding and to show the world who you really are.

Now is the time to join the Write Your Story masterclass and begin your healing journey today.

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