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Expert Help to Start Your Own Blog

Less than a week ago, this intensive had a whole different look. I was planning to launch a 1 on 1 intensive as I did back in February with Jody from Jody Laird Blog. I was planning to spend a weekend with 1 lucky woman and get her entire blog and website up and running.

In February, the intensive with Jody was AMAZING!!!! I remember EVERY emotion that we both went through for those 2 days. I remember Anna from Dynamic Eye Photography taking photos throughout and capturing the moments of our weekend, including this video taken with my phone.

As I was on my own coaching call last weekend, she suggested that I instead create an online version of this intensive and so the Digital Blogging Intensive was born. I want to reach more women and this is the chance for me to do just that. And my workload over the past week tripled and became a new learning experience for me.

A learning experience that I can take into client meetings and use to my advantage. I had never before set up an actual launch strategy. One that includes a waitlist, a pre-launch and then a launch. If you, like me, have never done this before; it means that you need to create an email sequence and a landing page. It means that there are dates you need to have planned out ahead of time for those things to run smoothly.


It took me a week to figure out a new email platform. I will let you know how it goes once I get used to it. I am currently using both Mailchimp (on my site) and Flodesk (on my landing page and website).


This intensive is a 2-day event where I will walk you through every stage of getting your blog started. If you sign up for the waitlist, you will receive an 18-page workbook that includes blogging terms that we will use, goals worksheets and niche worksheets to help get you started.

You will then come prepared for the intensive and be ready to work. This blogging intensive will be held live so that you can ask questions throughout.


This intensive is for the woman who is ready to start her blog but truly has no idea where to begin.

This intensive is for the woman who is ready to start her blog but technology is a struggle.

This intensive is for the woman who wants someone to help with the setup of her blog but can’t afford the 1 on 1 coaching.

This intensive is for the woman who wants to have a support system in place when she first begins blogging.

I absolutely love teaching women how to blog. Showing them that no matter how much they struggle with technology, blogging is a possibility. You do NOT need to be a tech expert to be a blogger.


These 2 days will be jam-packed full of so much knowledge.

We will go over blogging goals (have your worksheets filled out to save time).

We will go over creating a blogging vision.

We will go over the actual setting up of your website.

We will go over setting up your social media accounts and connecting them to your website.

We will go over choosing colours and how to add them to your site.

We will go over SEO to get your site up and ready to be published.

We will go over how to create a content plan that works for you.

We will go over the basics of a blog post and all about graphics for your post.

We will go over publishing your site and getting it out into the world.

And more.

This intensive will be just that. INTENSE! But you will have me by your side every step of the way and you can ask every and any question that comes up for you. Have a pen and paper ready to go. We will be covering a lot of information. This event will be recorded as well.

I want to be able to celebrate with you, as I did with Jody, as you hit the publish button on your own blog.

If you join the waitlist, you will not only get the Digital Blogging Intensive Handbook, you will also be able to get the intensive for 50% off. BUT ONLY if you are on the waitlist. You will also be the first to be able to sign up for the VIP option of the intensive. The VIP option gives you 4 extra bonuses.

Sign up today to get the FREEBIE and be put on the blogging intensive waitlist and let me help you start your blog today.

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