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Do You Need a Mastermind? (Yes, Yes of Course You Do)

As I look back on my business throughout the years, I realize that I have come full circle in everything that I am doing. It is like I took the long way to get to the point I am currently at. I wouldn’t change it for the world but I am so excited to finally be at this place in my business.

In 2016, after digging into my self-love journey for a year, I felt like I was ready enough to start a business. If you have followed me for a while, you will know that I love to just jump right in. I don’t think too hard or plan too much when I have an idea. I figure it out along the way. It drives my husband CRAZY but this is just how I do things.

I knew from high school that I wanted to help women. In what capacity I was never sure of until 2016. Going through the process of learning to love me, I knew that I wanted to help women do the same thing and so I started.

I created a 6-week coaching program to help you learn how to fall in love with yourself. I walked you through all of the steps that I did. I had 2 women sign up for that program and I absolutely LOVED every second of it. These women were so eager to learn and to grow. They were tired of feeling incapable of loving themselves.

Once the 6 weeks were over, I didn’t have a plan and so they began to move on with their lives. At this point, I felt lost. I was struggling to get my name out there because I just didn’t know how to reach the women that I wanted to and so I stopped doing it. I started a different business that I kept until 2019 when a move forced me to realize that something needed to once again change.

In 2019, I started to just freelance blog as a way to make an income. I love writing but there was a huge part of my personality missing when writing was all I did. I love helping and I love teaching women so I knew that there had to be a different way.

I am incredibly grateful (I know I say this often) to have Jody in my life. I can go to her when I am feeling lost and she has a way of helping me back to where I need to be. She suggested that I host a blogging workshop and I did just that in January 2020.

I felt alive.

I felt completely aligned.

It was one of the most amazing experiences that I have ever had in my life.

Standing in front of two women, talking about blogging and teaching them that they can do it, was what I wanted to be doing. And so my blog coaching journey began.

Learning to share your story while healing from your past.
Learning to share your story while healing from your past.

Did I ever tell you that I absolutely HATED the word coach? I never felt like it portrayed what I did. Recently I realized that it wasn’t the word coach that was sitting wrong with me. It was the idea that I was a blogging coach.

Yes, I teach women to blog but there is more to it than that. I breakdown the why while also showing the women how to add their story into their blog. That is what they are truly looking for. A way to share THEIR voice, THEIR passion and THEIR story. That's why I now call myself an Authentic Expression Coach.


This 6-month mastermind is like nothing you have ever seen before. It combines healing, self-care, self-love and blogging all in one beautiful mastermind. A mastermind that is going to not ONLY change your personal life but will help set you up for success in your blogging life.

Who doesn’t want EVERY aspect of their life to change after taking a mastermind?

I wish that I had this type of support when I first started my healing process and first started blogging.

Imagine having 6 months of support with blogging as a beginner.

Imagine having 6 months of support as you try to heal from your past.

Imagine having 6 months of support as you learn how to love who you are.

Imagine the possibilities.

Samantha is proactive, consistent, capable, organized and has an amazing ability to take someone through the process of how they can tune into their story and see their why. Samantha provides the scaffolding to help her clients close the gap of where they are and where they want to be. Gina

6 months from now you will feel like a different person. You will walk with your head up and smiling at those around you. You will change your outlook on the world. You will see the beauty in yourself and in those around you. You will have grown in a way that can’t be explained through words.

The Fierce Growth Accelerator allows you to analyze your past, step into the power that it has to offer and build a successful blog with a strong foundation all based on your own personal experiences. It helps you to see how far you have come and where you can learn to love yourself on an even deeper level.

Being successful means different things to each of us so I help you focus on what it is that YOU truly want going forward. What is YOUR vision and YOUR goals and YOUR why? We create a plan around all of those pieces so that you can build a successful blog that is going to help you build a community that will continue to support and help you grow.

The Fierce Growth Accelerator takes the pieces of my self-love journey and combines them with my expertise in blogging. You have access to me privately and in a group setting. You will learn the ins and outs of blogging while learning how to build your own blogging website and creating a monetization plan for that blog.


MONTH ONE: We dig deep into recognizing your story and begin to lay the groundwork for the healing process. You will learn how to add self-love practices into your daily routine and ways to begin to fall in love with you who you are in the present moment.

This month is also about focusing on your why and creating a vision that you want to work towards when it comes to how you feel about yourself and the vision for your blog. We begin to set goals and create a plan that is going to keep you on track and stay focused to allow maximum growth through the next 6 months.

MONTH TWO: We take that vision that you created and we start to lay down the foundation of your blog while we continue to work on healing on a deeper level. You will begin to create your experience list and start working on narrowing down your blogging niche. This month is all about the foundation of your blog and making sure that it is strong and will continue to help you grow throughout the years of blogging.

We also cover blogging categories and keywords that you are going to use when it comes to the specific niche that you have chosen. We focus on your ideal reader and what you can teach them by using your experience list.

MONTH THREE: This is part of the fun. We start creating social media accounts that are tailored to your ideal blog reader. If you don’t have any social media accounts, we set them up. If you do, we make sure that they are showing your brand that you created in month one. We will also begin to work on setting up your blogging website this month so that we can work on that throughout the remaining months of the mastermind.

In month three, we do a review of what has been working for you when it comes to your healing. It is also when we start talking about how you can thrive in your story and take your healing to a deeper level.

MONTH FOUR: Documenting your story is an important part of the blogging process. Sometimes what you are currently working through isn’t ready to be shared so we put a plan in place so you can learn how to document your story in a way that is going to help you create content.

We also begin to focus on creating a content calendar that is going to work for you as you begin the blogging process.

Through each month, we are going to focus on healing. This is so different for each participant that I don’t plan what we are going to do completely. I love that this mastermind gives us the freedom to do what works for you when it comes to your unique healing process.

MONTH FIVE: We do some deep dives into the blogging world. We talk all about blog posts, SEO, blogging tools that you can use to help you through your blogging career and email lists. I help you set up and continue the process of setting up your website.

This is the month that you officially publish your website. You will even have a couple of blog posts ready to go. We will want to build up excitement and launch on social media before you hit publish.

MONTH SIX: This is our last month together. I will make sure that you have a plan in place to continue healing and learning to love yourself.

I love that I can teach my clients how to be self-sufficient when it comes to blogging and healing. You will take away practical steps through my coaching that you can easily integrate into your everyday life.

The Fierce Growth Accelerator mastermind includes…

  1. 24 weekly group coaching calls. This is where you will learn as a group and create a connection to those also in the mastermind. A great way to bounce ideas off of each other and see other ways that the other women are healing.

  2. 12 1:1 private coaching calls. You will get 2 calls with me per month. We will touch base with what is working and what you are struggling with. Each call is 60 minutes in length.

  3. Private 1:1 Voxer access to me. You will be able to message me any time of the day and I will respond as soon as I can.

  4. Unlimited blog and social media content review and feedback.

  5. Blogging membership for the ENTIRE 6 months of the mastermind.

I know that you can’t be consumed with your healing process and with blogging because you have a life to live. This masterclass is going to teach you how to add in all of these so that you can continue to live your life while you create the version of your life you envision.

I not only teach you how to blog, but I also teach you how to fall madly in love with yourself in a way that you have never experienced before. A love that will affect every other piece of your life. Your spouse will notice a difference. Your children will notice a difference. You will look in the mirror and see the difference.

6 months from now, you will be confident in the skin you are in. You will be making a difference in the world by writing a blog that is building a community. You will be falling in love with your life on a whole new level.

The Fierce Growth Accelerator isn’t just about blogging. It is about seamlessly combining all the aspects of your life in a way that is going to bring about change. A change so deep and so personal that you won’t look back at your past the same way you do now. You will appreciate it and thank it for helping you become the person you were meant to be.

Are you ready for that? Are you ready to say yes to living your life to the fullest while creating an impact through sharing your story? There is no more reason to wait. Why wait when right now, you can get these bonuses to help you begin today. You don’t even need to wait until April 11th to begin this journey.

Grab your spot by March 28th and we can begin working together immediately through the bonuses that you will get for FREE.

  1. 90 minute 1:1 private call with me that includes 3 action steps you can begin to take today and FREE private Voxer access to me.

  2. A blogging template that you can use for your new blogging website that you will learn how to create through this mastermind.

  3. My ebook, Write Your Story, which will give you more tips and tricks to help you start embracing your story and loving yourself.

  4. An extra month to my blogging membership to help you continue to blog with support.

Say yes to yourself. Say yes to the you that you dream of being. Say yes to stop playing small.

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