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12 Days of Bloggers: Goddess in Training

This year I have been so incredibly lucky. I have worked with 5 AMAZING ladies who are changing the world through their blog. They have stepped up and owned their power even though being terrified through the entire process.

Today's blogger is one of those five women. She messaged me in August wanting to get more people to her site and we began working together. I am so happy to say that her hard work has paid off and she is doing fabulous things.

Her website is going through a makeover because of her brand change. She is stepping even more into her power than ever before. And just today she sent me a message saying that she is receiving the award for Most Influential Blogger from the Strength in Healing Awards.


I truly can't say enough amazing things about Iris.

Iris has now changed her name from Noire Memoir to Goddess in Training. She is an author, she is a game-changer.

Iris blogs about mental health, PTSD, and relationships. She is using her story as a way to help other women heal from their traumatic relationships. She is giving women hope and a vision of a better life all through her blog.

She shares her story in an open and honest way that highlights the dark side of life but also reminds women everywhere that life is more than that. When we can focus on ourselves, we allow that healing to begin and we can take back our power. Iris shows everyone just how to do that.


When Iris came to me, she really wanted to make money through her blog but wasn't sure how. She ALREADY had written a book so we made sure to get that showcased on her blog. Together, we were able to focus on the why of her blog and from there, her ideas for income came together.

She now has an income through her blog but NOT only that, she is creating a coaching program that is being born through her experiences that she shares on her blog.

How powerful is that?

I am incredibly honoured to know this incredible woman and watch her change the world. Please head to her blog today, Goddess in Training and see all of the work that she has done.

Whether you are looking to be inspired by her stories or looking to purchase the beautiful journals that she creates or treat yourself to the self-care gift sets that she has, you will not be disappointed.

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