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12 Days of Bloggers: Jody Laird Blog

I remember the first time that I had met Jody. I can't remember though if it was before I had my third child or after. But I do remember, this woman knocking on my door and coming in to talk to me about insurance and all things money.

We were total strangers but from the moment she walked into my home for the first time, we just clicked. It was like we had known each other for years. Those are the best kind of friendships. Have you ever met someone like that?

Throughout the years, she has seen me in some of the hardest moments of my life and some of the best moments of my life. She is truly one of my best friends in this world and every day I am grateful for having her in my life.


I credit Jody with getting me where I am today. She suggested that I host a blogging workshop. She attended that blogging workshop along with one other woman. She hired me to do a blogging intensive and be my guinea pig. She hired me to help her learn more and more about blogging and now I am lucky enough to be helping her with her blog as her blog manager.

There is something that words can't describe Jody. She brings this peace into the room. She has this way of seeing who you truly are without having to say it. She constantly reminds you that no matter the struggles you are going through, there are good things that are happening. She knows exactly what you need to hear and she isn't afraid to share it.

When she asked me to help her start her blog, I couldn't say yes fast enough. She had always talked about starting one but never thought she could. So of course, I had to prove her wrong and show her that she was truly capable of having her own blog.

It is hard for me to pick a favourite blog post that she has written because they are all so powerful but I am going to say it is the last one that she wrote, Seeing the Gifts Through Tear-Filled Eyes.

I know that this post was not easy for her to write because I told her that she needed to write it. She dug deep and shared her story of 3 moments that have knocked her down in the past month. I could feel exactly what she was feeling in this post. Not only as a mother but also as someone who struggles with dark moments.


What I love most about Jody's story is that she doesn't let life knock her down. She gets back up and fights with all that she has. And that is what her blog is all about. It is a real and raw blog that is all about her past and what she did to overcome the battles that she faced.

But it is so much more than that. She teaches you how to use what she learned throughout those battles to live a life that is beautiful and real. She doesn't sugar coat what she is going through and that means that you truly feel connected to everything that Jody talks about.

She brings up the uncomfortable conversations and makes them comfortable and normal. She reminds us that life is worth living even when it keeps pushing us down.

This woman, who has two beautiful children with her husband, is living her life to her own standards. She shares her journey of being married to a man who works halfway around the world for weeks at a time. She shares her journey of being a mother who has struggles like the rest of us who call ourselves mothers. She shares her painful moments and her moments of triumph.

She is a light that this world needs. She has a blog that you can go to and just read about real-life with no judgement. She is changing the world with her stories and creating connections with people that need to feel like they aren't alone.

You can find her Jody on her blog. You will not be disappointed. Head there today so that you can begin to read about her journey.

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