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12 Days of Bloggers: Preserving My Sanity

I love to spend time in the kitchen. It is a stress reliever for me. I could spend hours in there just creating and having fun. I am the type of cook that uses a recipe as a guide and just adds things in as I go.

I am excited to share today's blogger, Darcy from Preserving My Sanity.

Darcy also has a second blog called, Digital Darcy where she talks about digital marketing for small businesses.

Today we are going to focus on her food blog though because let's face it, food is life. If there is anything that helps me save time and effort in the kitchen, I am all for it.

After all, I have 3 children, a husband who acts like a child most days, and a business and house to run. Time is something that there is never enough of so if I can save myself time in the kitchen. I am lucky that my family isn't incredibly picky and I remember teaching my kids that they need to at least try a portion of food they don't like to see if their tastebuds have changed. Sometimes that blew up in my face.


I am a huge lover of homemade pizza. I found a crust recipe that my kids love and we try to use it at least once a month. Darcy shares another pizza crust recipe on here that I am going to give a try because it has ONLY 4 ingredients in it.

Not only that but she gives 12 different ways to make pizza. I am all about green olives on my pizza but she reminded me that taco pizza is another favourite of mine.

Another blog post that guest blogger, Jess Roe (a health and fitness coach) wrote, talks about how to save time with meal planning and the benefits of it.

Again, as mentioned above, anything that will save time is a huge help to our chaotic life. Even in the pandemic, we are busy. We may not be running around to sports but we are still at home doing everything that we love.

I love how Jess suggests creating a binder with your family's favourite meals. I love this idea. I am an organized person so this is a great way to keep everything organized. Currently, I have a Pinterest board saved with my family's favourite meals from there but a binder would mean I can actually organize by meats.

Jess offers a free monthly meal planner that you can download in this blog post which is fantastic. I have started only planning 1-2 weeks at a time due to the fresh stuff going bad too fast if I do any longer than that.

My meal planning consists of writing down the meals that I grocery shop for and then choosing in the morning which one I am going to make. So on Tuesday, my list of meals was...

  1. Swedish meatballs with mashed potatoes

  2. Cashew chicken with rice

  3. Slow cooker chicken curry with rice

  4. Crockpot beef stew

  5. Cheesy pan-fried tortellini

  6. Sante Fe chicken salad (this is our dinner tonight)

  7. Ham, turkey, bacon croissant melts

Head over and give Darcy some love and read all the amazing blog posts that she has to help you stay healthy and fall in love with spending time in the kitchen.

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