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Creating Your Own Email List for Blogging

I am sure that EVERY business coach in the world talks about the importance of an email list for your marketing. I know that I have been told this multiple times over the period of many years and here I am now telling my readers the same thing.

I am not going to sugar coat creating an email list. I truly find this one of the most difficult things I do with my blog. I am not going to teach you ways to do it quickly and I am not going to tell you that it is easy BUT having this list is a great way to get your content in front of your ideal readers.

You, like myself, probably struggle with ideas on what you can offer your reader to get them to join your email list. We have ALL joined email lists because of the freebies so you want to make it a really good one.

I want you to take a moment and write down what freebies you have signed up for. This will allow you a little bit of insight into what you are looking for and if they are items that your ideal reader would be interested in. Now I am NOT telling you to copy other people’s freebies. You have to create one of your own. We will also talk about that in this blog. We will talk about 4 crucial components for an email list. What is an email list, why you need an email list, how to uplevel your list, and some lead magnet ideas to help grow your list?


Well like I mentioned above, remember signing up for either a coupon or a free downloadable PDF and all you had to do was enter your first name and email address? That is an email list. You are now a part of that organization’s email marketing strategy. They initially captured your attention with their freebie and hopefully have kept your attention with subsequent emails to your inbox.

This list allows that person to send emails directly to you. Whether those emails contain personal stories, coupons, or blog posts; it is their way to connect with you on a more intimate level.

I use Mailchimp for my email list. I find them the easiest to use and a great way to begin your list. Plus they are free. Others will have differing opinions on who to use. Just like a blog host, it is totally your preference and what you are looking for. I also know that Wix has its own email subscription platform that you can use. I did find them on the pricey side.


Again this is a way to get a personal invite into someone’s email inbox. They liked what they saw and now want to see more. They are your ideal reader or your target market. This gives you an opportunity to build a deeper and more meaningful relationship with potential readers.

An email list is a great way for your readers to be able to find your blog posts without having to search through your social media posts if they miss 1 or 2. Remember, most of your audience will not even see your social media posts but when they open that email and they see one from you, they will open it up and read it.

Now it really isn’t that simple. You have to ensure that you are enticing your reader to open that email. Just because someone signed up for your freebie doesn’t mean that they are automatically going to read every email you sent.


Now there are ways that you can help to increase the chances that people are going to open your emails. I want to first start off by saying, don’t send emails to them daily. We have all signed up for those email lists and then realized that we are overseeing it every day. As if we didn’t have enough junk in our email, to begin with.

Figure out how often you want to send an email to your readers. This may depend on how often you post. For me, I post 3 times a week so to only send an email once a month would mean that my subscribers would get 12+ posts in 1 email sent to them. That would be a way to scare them off. I send my subscribers an email once a week. This allows them the opportunity to see what blog posts I published that week and to read them without feeling overwhelmed.

Ensure that you are providing value to those who sign up. You want to teach them something. You want to show them something. Email lists are a great way to get personal. Motivating your reader is a great way to keep them coming back for more. No one wants negativity sent to their email. They want to hear all about the positive or how you overcame adversity.

Add in your brand colours to the email. You want your subscribers to know and feel that it is you sending the emails. It keeps your brand cohesive and makes everything easily recognizable.

Welcome your readers to your email newsletter every week. Make them feel as if they are part of your family. Make your writing about them. Be excited to be in their inbox and make them feel special that they are.

Create a memorable title. You want to entice them to hit the read button on your email. Make it something funny or something shocking. You just want to grab their attention. Especially when their email list is overflowing with other emails. Put your personality to work and talk in your own language.

End the email with a clear call to action. You don’t want them to just stop and that’s it. Send them to your blog posts. Encourage them to join a conversation on your social media. Be specific with what you want them to do. Just like your blog posts, you want them to stick around a little longer.


Now, this is the part you were all waiting for. You want ideas. You want ALL the ways to bring those email subscribers to you. Use these ideas as suggestions and make them your own. Have fun. Again, bring your personality in. Use your brand colours. I use Canva to create all my freebies. Well except for my Blogging for Business webinar. I used Zoom for that.

















As you can tell, the list could be endless. There are so many different ways that you can transform these ideas into ways that your ideal reader will use and fall in love with. What idea do you plan to use first?

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