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Choosing Your Blogging Platform FREEBIE

I have been thinking of multiple ways to get my readers to sign up for my email list. I will tell you now that this is the hardest part of blogging for me. Building my list has not been easy but I am excited to show you what I created for you now.

I never really thought about having an email list when I first began blogging. My blogging has changed over the years. By that, I mean that I began as a way to share my story. I didn't think about the technical items that needed to happen. I did it just to write. Now I blog to share my story but I blog to help others begin sharing their story. Teaching them what they need to know to take the intimidation out of starting a blog.

I am sure you have heard of the importance of building your email list. I am going to share with you my newest FREEBIE so that you can sign up and get it.

We aren't going to cover creating your own email list because I have already covered that. Today I want to share my freebie with you and the reason I came up with it.

I often hear new bloggers or women who want to start a blog ask what host they should use. There are so many out there that this is probably the most overwhelming process to begin your blog. I would even say that it is probably one of the reasons that most people keep putting off their blog.

And the thing is, everyone is going to have an opinion. My opinion will differ from thousands of other bloggers' opinions and that is okay. That is actually why I created the workbook that I did. Every time someone goes into a Facebook group and asks this question, the answers are varied.

I love Wix. I will tell everyone that but I seem to have a different opinion than others. So while I recommend Wix any chance that I get, I also remind them that everyone has an opinion and it really comes down to what you are needing and looking for in a website platform.


I have created a workbook for you that is filled with questions to ask when you are in this research part of starting a blog. It may take you days or weeks to fully decide on who to go with but my workbook will help you walk through the questions to ask yourself.

I have used multiple website platforms and these were the questions that came up for me while I was searching. I truly hope that you love this workbook as much as I do. If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to reach out.

You can grab your FREE guide to choosing your blogging platform below and get started today. If you are ready to take your idea to blog, let me help you get started with the 12-week program, Blogology. It starts on January 24th, 2022. Let me help you take the confusion out of starting your blog.

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