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Calgary Bucket List

Updated on January 13, 2020:

I am happy to say that I have crossed off a few things from this list as well as added a couple of places. I have added photos. Richard and I were watching a cooking show this weekend and burgers came up. So I had to look up top burger places in Calgary so I have added 2.

I don’t think I have ever been so excited to share a blog post before. We have lived in Airdrie for the past 5 years. At the end of September, we moved into the beautiful area of Edgemont in Calgary and I am loving it. I love the street we live on. I love the schools the kids attend. I love that I am starting fresh and building a new life here with my family.

Over the summer, the kids and I made a bucket list and there wasn’t much that we were able to cross off. Things happened that took over our life. So here is my way of creating another bucket list but one that includes awesome things to do in Calgary.

We have done the normal things like the Calgary Zoo, Telus Spark, Military Museums, and more. This list includes places to eat, places to shop, family to do’s, and more. It is a big list. Parts of this list were recommended by fellow Calgarians on a Facebook page where I posted the question, What do you recommend adding to my bucket list in Calgary? So many amazing answers and I have added them here.

I am going to break them up a little bit because the list is big. I will have a family section, a food section, and a date night section. I am also making it easy for you so just click on the name and it will take you to their website or to their Facebook page for more information.

I’m going to start with food because YOU SHOULD ALWAYS START WITH FOOD. Who knew that Calgary had so MANY amazing options to choose from. Where do you even begin?



Calypso’s Taverna: Greek and Mediterranean food.

Glamorgan Bakery: This is a bakery. I have heard from multiple people that the cheese buns are to die for.

Elbow Room Britannia: I love the look of this restaurant and can’t wait to give it a try.

Sidewalk Citizen Bakery: I love bakeries and fresh bread so this place is right up my alley.

Avenida Food Hall & Fresh Market: Super excited to check out this market. I was told they have a HUGE selection of different foods and treats.

The Bro’Kin Yolk: I am excited to take my kids here. They are kid-friendly and I am always looking for that.

Galaxie Diner: I am always looking for awesome diners to eat at. I just love the atmosphere of them.

Cafe & Mi: Oh my goodness. Seriously a cat cafe. I have heard of these but didn’t have any idea that Calgary had one. My daughters are going to love me!!!

Regrub: I have been following these guys for a while and now it’s time I put them on a list. The milkshakes alone will bring us in. I have heard so many great things about this place. This place was delicious. We had milkshakes and burgers. Next time we will choose between 1 or the other. It was a lot of food to eat.

Fiasco: It’s dessert. That is really all you need to know!

Ritual Doughnuts: Because I LOVE donuts and can’t wait to try these. I ordered Ritual Doughnuts for my son's birthday and everyone loved them.

Pacini: It is Italian food. Who doesn’t love Italian food?

Clive Burger: There is always this comfort that comes with burgers. Does anyone else feel that way?

4th Spot Kitchen & Bar: This claims to be the best pizza in YYC. I am excited to try because currently #15 which I have actually already have been to but needed to share with you, is my #1 choice for pizza.

Famoso: I took my kids here last weekend and 2 of my kids split a kids meal and my older son and I shared a pizza. OH MY GOODNESS. Seriously the BEST pizza I have ever had and I will be back. I’m sure the waitresses didn’t enjoy my youngest being a pain but I truly loved that they came out with pizza dough for the kids to play with. It kept them busy while we waited for our food. THIS IS A MUST GO!!

Alumni Sandwiches: You had me at sandwiches.

Village Ice Cream: Once again, it’s ice cream. Of course, it’s on the list.

Shokunin: I have never been to a Japanese restaurant before.

Crave Cupcakes: The kids and I love going to Crave. Best cupcakes.

Vendome Cafe

Higher Ground Cafe

Flipp'n Burgers

Boogies Burgers

Monki Breakfastclub and Bistro


The Calgary Tower: I have yet to be here and I will admit to you that I am terrified of going but know that my kids will love it. Heights are not my thing but we will do this.

Heritage Park: 2 of my kids have been here with their schools but they both came back raving about it and we want to go as a family.

Calgary Stampede: I am an American and I love going to state fairs. This seems to be the closest thing to that. I went once for work but am excited to take my family. We have seen the parade and now want to do all the other stuff that it has to offer.

Fort Calgary: We love to go to museums and learn.

Calgary Corn Maze: This will be fun to take the kids to.

Chinook Honey Company: Since we moved to Alberta we have said we wanted to take the kids to check out some bees and all the awesome things that they do. Excited to bring the kids here.

Cobb’s Corn Maze: Another corn maze to go to. I love fall weather so another great way to spend some time outdoors.

Horsin’ Around: My middle child is obsessed with horses so I think she may love me forever or at least until she reaches puberty.

Glenbow Museum: We love checking out museums so here is another one for the list.

Grain Academy Museum: This one is free to check out.

Lougheed House: Another piece of history that we are going to want to explore and learn about.

Rothney Astrophysical Observatory: My son is currently obsessed with space so this just seems like the perfect place to go.

Skyline Luge: This sounds terrifying yet so much fun.

SpacePort: Again…. Space. I can’t go wrong. I found out after I wrote this post via their Facebook page that they will be closing as of December 31, 2019. Get there before they close.

Battlefield Live: I have 2 kids who would love me for taking them here. Oh and a husband who would probably give me anything I wanted.

Rec Room: I have a couple of gamers in my life so this sounds like it will be a fun place to go and check out.

Sikome Lake: We come from Muskoka in Ontario and are missing the water very much so this seems like our best option for swimming.

Devonian Gardens: This sounds like the most spectacular place to be in the summertime.

Silver Springs Botanical Garden: Again another place that sounds truly beautiful in the summertime.

Pearce Estate Park

Carburn Park

Elliston Park

Edworthy Park

Ghost Tours

StoryBook Theatre

Loose Moose Theatre

The Hexagon Board Game Cafe: This sounds SOOOOOO COOOL!!!

The new Central Calgary Library: I love love love libraries so we will be hitting this one up soon.

Glenmore Reservoir

Confederation Park

Bowness Park

Livingstone and Cavell Extraordinary Toys

St. Patrick Island

Twelve Mile Coulee


Kensington Village: So much to do that I would prefer to do it without my wonderful but trying children.

Big Rock Brewery: I’ve always wanted to take my husband on a date night to a brewery.

Hayden Block Smoke & Whiskey: This sounds amazing.

Contemporary Calgary: An art gallery would be a perfect date night.

Nickle Galleries

Stage West Dinner Theatre


The Blues Can: A live blues bar just sounds like an amazing experience.

Olympic Plaza


27 Boutique

Purr Clothing

Urban Venus

Poppy Innovations Ltd

ReWorks Upcycle Shop

Steeling Home

Greater Goods

Market Collective

Calgary Farmers’ Market

The Livery Shop


Modern & Mindful: A meditation studio

75 places on my bucket list in Calgary. 75!!!!!

Oh my goodness. So many amazing places to visit and that doesn’t even tip the scale on what Calgary has to offer. Head over to my Instagram post and tell me which Calgary destination is your go-to!!