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Must-Read Books For Your Healing Journey

I love to read. That may be a BIG understatement. Books are my life. If I would win the lottery there would be two things that I would do with that money.

  1. I would open a food truck called Samwiches and make the most delicious sandwiches in the world.

  2. I would open a used bookstore with a cafe in it.

Just imagine sitting in a used bookstore and wandering around. That to me is perfect. I mean, my favourite Disney princess is Belle.

So I seriously can’t believe that I haven’t done a book round-up post in ages. I want to share with you books that I have LOVED and have helped me along in my healing journey.

This blog post does come with a disclaimer because I will share affiliate links for the books that I am recommending. These affiliate links do not come with an extra cost to you. I will make a small portion from the sale of the book if you use the link that I provide. I do want you to remember though, that I am sharing these books because they personally made an impact on my life.


Healing can be lonely. There are days that I just wanted to (and sometimes still do) give up. It is hard work but knowing that, no matter what I was experiencing, there was someone out there who understood me.

I have always been a reader. Maybe it has always been a way for me to escape, a way for me to dream outside of my life. I could read for hours on end and never get bored. I love books that have plot twists. Those books that just catch you off guard.

I also love self-help books. I HATE that they are called self-help. How many times have you walked into that section and just felt the eyes staring at you? Secretly agreeing with you that you could use all the help you can get. (Can’t be just me, right?!?!) So here are my book recommendations that you can buy right from home and avoid those stares.

A reminder that the links provided in this blog post are my affiliate links. You are supporting me by purchasing through my links. I have readers from the U.S and Canada and so I have both affiliate programs through Amazon. (If you know of a way to combine them, please let me know. From what I read, it couldn't be done.) If you are in Canada and are wanting to purchase the book, click the photo. If you are in the U.S and are wanting to purchase the book, click the title of the book.


1. The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari by Robin Sharma

I recommend this book ANY chance I get. It was a life-changer for me. This book follows a lawyer who takes on a radical life change to confront his spiritual crisis. You will follow along on his journey as he learns how to change his life and live with more passion and more purpose.

2. The Secret Letters of the Monk Who Sold His Ferrari by Robin Sharma

To be honest, I may have gotten more out of this book than the first one. This follows the journey of the lawyer’s nephew when he gets stuck in a similar situation with his life. This showcases his journey as he travels to find 9 talismans and 9 letters. It is a beautiful book that will have you wanting to read more.

3. It Was Me All Along by Andie Mitchell

For anyone struggling with their body, this is a book that will leave an impression on your heart and your life. It is a memoir of Andie’s life that talks about her journey with food. How she learned to love her body and food in a healthy way. She bravely talks about her struggles and motivates anyone who has struggled with self-image issues.

4. A False Report by T. Christian Miller and Ken Armstrong

I read this book prior to the Netflix series that came out based on it called Unbelievable. I highly recommend reading this book. Prepare yourself to feel EVERY SINGLE EMOTION that you can imagine. This book will make you feel angry, devastated, heartbroken and everything in between. This book talks about the true story of sexual assault. It opens your eyes to how investigations of this kind happen and make you want to create change in the world. I am giving it a TRIGGER WARNING because there are moments in the book that can truly make you feel powerless and cause some triggers to flare. EVERY person on the planet should be reading this book!

5. I Do It With The Lights On by Whitney Way Thore

I love this book. It talks about how to embrace your body, no matter your size. It shares her story on how she truly began to love her body and how it impacted her entire life. She talks openly and honestly about her obsession to be thin. She talks openly and honestly about her struggles with depression. This book will make you want to meet her and be around her contagious personality.

6. The Self-Love Experiment by Shannon Kaiser

I wish this book would have been around when I first started my self-love journey. As I read this book, I realized that our journeys have been so similar. It made me feel like I was reading a book that I had written. This book is all about overcoming your fear, learning to love yourself and learning to love your life.

7. Carry On Warrior by Glennon Doyle Melton

This book made me fall in love with this author. I have read EVERY book that she has and it has changed a piece of me for the better. We all have complicated lives. At some point, we all walk around carrying these burdens that we need to let go of. Glennon knows how to talk to you and bring you right into her story. She will leave you feeling like you are her best friend. She will leave you wanting to change your life for the better. Life is messy but it is beautiful and worth fighting for. You will want to do that after you read this book.

8. Whatever Gets You Through by 12 sexual assault survivors

This book reminds me of why I do what I do. We have come so far but yet we have so far to still go when it comes to talking about sexual assault. This book brings to light what it is like being a sexual assault survivor. There is so much more than just coming forward and saying #metoo. We need the voices of many to start sharing the experiences we face after. This book is the beginning of this!

9. Big Girl by Kelsey Miller

Another book where I wanted to just jump in the pages and meet her in real life. It felt like we were best friends (and secretly or not so secretly, I would love to meet her someday). This is her memoir talking about how she learned to love her body. I love books that inspire us all to love who we are, no matter our size and shape. I am a proud plus-size woman and this book made me fall in love with my body even more.

10. Furiously Happy by Jenny Lawson

Do you want to read a book that has you laughing so hard that tears are streaming down your face? This book is for you. She talks about her struggles with severe depression and other conditions that she has. She really brings in a way to connect through this book with anyone that you know who is struggling with mental health. She makes you laugh uncontrollably. She makes you realize that life is meant to be laughed at, to have fun with and that laughter is truly one of the best medicines.

11. Unbound by Kasia Urbaniak

I am not sure if I can put into words how AMAZING this book is. I had never heard of it and just happened to find it at my local library. I don’t know about you but I DO NOT read what a book is about before grabbing it. I find, most of the time, they give away too much of the book. I picked this up because on the cover it says, A Woman’s Guide to Power. I am so grateful that I picked it up. I could not put this book down. Kasia has life experience that makes her the only woman who can teach what she teaches. It had me laughing. It had me crying. I have never journaled so much while reading a book. If you are wanting to purchase 1 book from this list, make it this one!! It will be one that I give to EVERY single client that I work with from now on. It is that powerful!

12. Untamed by Glennon Doyle

Because I shared her other book. This book is my absolute favourite of hers so far. It is real. It is honest. It brings us into her struggles but also brings us into her wins. I am going to gift this book to my daughter to read because I think that it is a book that EVERY woman should read.

I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE all of these books. They have each left a little piece inside of me as I continue to grow and heal. Did you have a favourite book that you read on your healing journey that I didn’t mention? I would love to hear so I can check it out.

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