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Blogging Coach Wasn't the Intention

When I started my entrepreneur journey in 2016, I really had no idea what I was doing. That is every entrepreneur, right? I mean, I will admit, there still feels like days I wonder if I truly know what I am doing. Again, every entrepreneur, right?

I began by creating a subscription box. An idea that came to me while I was sleeping one night after what felt like endless weeks of struggle to create my dream business. I thought that I had finally figured it out. That I was finally going to absolutely be enthralled with my business and life was going to go up from that point on.

And then there seemed to be a subscription box BOOM and the love that I felt for it dissipated. I was feeling lost and confused because I wasn’t gaining the traction that I had imagined I would. Despite being in the paper a couple of times and being nominated for an awesome award, my business was still stagnant and I wasn’t reaching the women that I wanted to.

Through the whole 3 years that I owned BeYOUtiful Box, I continued to blog. I showcased local businesses. I talked about my self-care and self-love journey. I shared my real honest struggles with all aspects of my life.

My blog kept me going. It kept me focused on the good, on the moments of change, on the times that I needed to refocus. June of 2019, I knew that I needed a change. I wasn’t feeling the love anymore for my subscription box. I felt like I had failed. Not only the women who needed me but myself. I felt like my passion had left and I didn’t know if it was going to ever return.

With the kind words of someone else, who had always encouraged my writing, said that I should start freelancing. So I did. Because I absolutely love to blog and I love to write. I got a steady client that I loved to work with. July 2019 was my BIGGEST month in business ever and I knew that I had made the right decision. Not just for the money but because of the messages that I was getting from the women that I was helping.

Life took a strange turn and at the end of September, we had to move again. After ONLY 6 months in our new home. That is when I was able to quit my job and focus on getting my new home set up and running my business. I had decided that it was time to go all in. I really didn’t know what that meant but I knew that it meant something more than just freelancing.


I held my first workshop in January 2020. Every entrepreneur will know what I’m talking about when I say that I left that workshop on a massive high. I felt on top of the world. When you are in alignment, everything seems to flow and it was such a magical feeling.

I had the women that attended that workshop, give me such great feedback and it was actually from them that blogging coach became crystal clear in my mind. I truly believe that those that surround us sometimes have to light the way for us to truly shine. It was because of them that I had found my purpose and found my passion.

I thought that I was the most creative person coming up with the title of Blogging Coach. I had actually NEVER heard anyone use it before and so I began to call myself that. After the workshop, the first thing that I did was a weekend blogging intensive for one of the women that attended my workshop. In 2 days (16 hours of work), she had her website and blog published.

AGAIN, let me tell you the high that I felt. Everything felt like it made sense. After years of feeling as if I was constantly struggling with my business, this didn’t feel that way. Everything felt different. It felt as if it made sense and the best part, I was extremely happy.

Here I am, 6 months after first calling myself a blogging coach and I feel like my life is on track. There is nothing more that lights me up (well besides my children) than watching a woman publish her blogging website that she has been dreaming about for months, sometimes even years.

The excitement. The raw emotions of them finally having hit that publish button are the moments that I will never forget and the moments that remind me of my passion. That for me is worth more than having a “failed” business. It is knowing that I am evolving and growing and becoming the woman that I am supposed to be. A woman that is making an impact in this world even when I feel like I am not.

Are you ready to let me help you bring out that raw emotion in you? That ultimate feeling of finally being able to say, I did it. I am a blogger and I am sharing my story for the world. I want to be that person for you. I want to show you that the difficult parts aren’t meant to be done alone and that the world NEEDS your story more than you will ever know. Let’s get started on making that blogging dream of yours a reality.

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