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Blogging and SEO: Tools to Grow

This week we have been covering everything SEO. From what is SEO, keywords, and on-page SEO for your blog posts. I have had a lot of fun going live and giving you what I know. Again, I do NOT claim to be an SEO expert because I am not. I am still learning and growing and fixing my site for errors that I didn’t know existed. However, I can provide you with a bit more than a basic understanding of SEO topics and I hope this past week has helped you.

I am excited today to share with you my favourite SEO tools that you can use to help improve your SEO on your website. These are a few of the tools I use to help me focus, realign, and build my SEO ranking.


We are all looking for tools to help us build up our site so that Google ranks us on the first page. Let’s face it, most people (probably closer to all people) when they are searching Google, don’t venture off the first page of results. I know that I don’t. So let’s help get you up to that first page.


I am loving this website. You can search keywords, check your site profile (see page authority and domain authority), and so much more. With this website, you get a 10-day free trial. That is currently what I am using. Included in the 10-day trial is 5 keyword lookups in a 24-hour period. This website lets me know if they will be easy, hard, or possible to gain traction in. How much competition that the words have.

I use this website for my keyword searches. It helped me find other words and phrases used when I typed in the keywords I was focusing on but were on the harder level of difficulty to compete with.

So when I type in Freelance blogger, it gives me other keywords like copywriting, freelance writing, and freelance blog writer. Words that I can incorporate into my headings, blog posts, and meta descriptions on my website.


This so far may be one of my favourite tools that I am using to help with my website and blogging SEO. The amount of information that I have learned from my site audit under the SEO analyzer tab has been incredible. By doing the site audit, I am able to see what pages on my website need to be fixed. It breaks it down into critical errors, warnings, and recommendations.

I can also see what my website speed is on mobile as well as desktop. It has also given me my top SEO issues which I can now focus on and improve to help my SEO ranking.


This is another platform that you can use to type in keywords. It asks you to enter the keyword, industry you are in, and country. The last 2 are optional add-ins. So when I type in freelance blogger, Business and Industrial, and Canada. It shows me 132 keywords. That is pretty good.

I use this platform less than the other ones but it did give me some new keywords that I didn’t see when I used KWFinder. So that allows me to add these into my blogs as well to increase my SEO driven content.

What tools do you use for SEO?

I use the first 2 tools more often than I use the 3rd but it is nice to have as an option when I need to do a bit more research. There are many more SEO tools to use out there including Semrush, Google, and more but these are the 2 that I prefer and use.

Do you have a specific SEO tool that you love to use for your website? I’d love to hear what it is. If you are a beginner blogger and are interested in learning more, head to my blogging basics blog category to learn all about the other posts that I have written.

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