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Journal Prompts to Use as Blog Posts

Blogging was originally “sold” to me as an online journal and that is how I used it at first. It was a way for me to release my feelings and just get everything that was stuck inside out of me. It worked wonders. Even now, portions of my blogs are personal enough to be considered journal like.

I think that if you are a good blogger, that is how blogging is meant to be. It is meant to be personal. It is all about connection. Now that doesn’t mean that blogging is journaling because it isn’t. There are many differences but there are some journal prompts that would work great as blog posts.

I love to journal. I am addicted to buying journals and notebooks and filling them with words. Sometimes those words are painful. Sometimes those words are joyful. Sometimes those words are so emotion-filled that just getting them onto paper sends me into tears. That is what journaling is. It is an emotional experience.

I think of blogging in a similar way. I love reading emotional pieces. The blogs that bring up questions in yourself that you may not have expected or may not even want to answer. The emotional pieces connect us and make us question parts of our life. I LOVE THAT!

If you are an avid journaler, here are some ways that you can use those journal prompts for your blog content.


As a blogger, it can feel like we write all of the time. We create content and then create more content. I talk alot about reusing your content. It saves time and effort and is a really great way to ensure that your content is reaching all of your followers on every social media platform.

Now let’s reuse that journal content and turn it into blog content.

You won’t want to use every piece of journaling for your blogging. It will all come down to what type of blog content you share. This will most likely work with lifestyle bloggers, mental health bloggers, and anyone in a niche similar to those. If you are looking to narrow down your niche, here are 5 lists to make to help you.

If you are a blogging blogger, it may be a bit difficult to pull from your journal BUT it isn’t impossible. Sometimes I can share personal information because it is part of my story of blogging.

1| You can use an emotional sentence that you wrote in your journal as a quote in your blog post. I love using quotes in my posts. It not only breaks up your writing, it creates a more personal experience with your readers. It gives them a look into your innermost feelings and emotions.

2| You can use the topic of what you wrote about in your journal. Let’s say that you had a really bad mental health day. You can write about it in your journal. Like I mentioned above, journaling is personal and super emotional. When you achieve emotional writing, you are giving yourself a glimpse into EVERYTHING that you are feeling in that moment. Feelings that are harder to explain when you aren’t in that emotional experience.

Go back and reread that journal entry a few days later and use it to create a blog post. You can create blog posts like….

The Way My Emotions Feel In The Moment

Using Emotions to Combat my Mental Health

Days Following An Emotionally Charged Day

A Look Inside My Rough Moments

3| Reflect on what you learned. This is one of the best things about journaling. Sometimes we can’t see the lessons that we have learned from an emotional experience until we are out of them. We feel too deeply attached in the moments that learning is the last thing on our mind.

By rereading journal entries, you are going to find that your healing process looks different than what you had imagined. This gives you a deeper knowledge of what worked for you and what didn’t. You can share this as a blog post. Some examples of blog post titles are…

My True Healing Journey

The Moments When Healing Happened and I Didn’t Know

The Surprising Effects of Crying Into Your Journal

When My Days Were Harder


I love journal prompts. They give you something to focus on when you are writing. They help on the days when you don’t have anything significant to write about. Pinterest is filled with journal prompt ideas so if you are ever struggling there are some good ones on there.

Using journal prompts to help you create your blog content will help give you some fresh ideas for blog posts that you may not even realized you could write about.

I want to share with you some journal prompts that are great to use as topics for your blog posts.

  1. What is an important lesson that I have learned recently?

  2. What good has come out of (my certain struggle)?

  3. What 10 goals can I achieve in 2021?

  4. What 5 things do I do really well?

  5. What are some moments in my life that I really struggled through?

  6. How does journaling help me move past my emotions?

  7. Moments in 2020 when my mental health struggled the most.

  8. How has blogging affected my life?

  9. Did I find my purpose or did my purpose find me?

  10. How will I connect to myself today?

  11. What are my top 5 values that I want to share with the world?

  12. What did I used to be afraid of but am not anymore?

  13. What would I say to myself 5 years ago?

  14. What do I do daily that gives me confidence?

  15. What advice would I give to myself when I first started blogging?

  16. How do I add value to the world around me?

  17. How do I turn the negative words from others into positive thoughts?

  18. When (a certain situation) went wrong, how did I overcome it?

  19. What is the part of the day I most look forward to?

  20. Who in my life has made the most impact on me?

  21. In what ways am I compromising myself and how can I change them?

  22. How do I date myself?

  23. How can I communicate my wants in an easier way?

Grab a pen and paper and start creating some blog posts using these suggestions. Have fun. Remember to add your personality to the posts. I’d love for you to take the time to share this blog post. It helps me reach more people who are looking to start their own blog or who are beginner bloggers that just want to throw in the towel. Thank you and I truly appreciate your support.

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