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8 Benefits of Blogging

Today we are talking about something that I often share with my readers. The benefits of blogging BUT I want to share some more unique reasons why blogging is beneficial.

We all know how important blogging can be for our businesses but here are some other reasons that you should be blogging.


Refine your writing skills. Do you want to be a better writer? Well, the way to do that is to write more and blogging gives you that option. This allows you to be consistent with your writing.

Express yourself. That is the reason I began my blog. I wanted to share my story. I wanted to get out of the thoughts that were stuck in my head. Blogging allows you to do just that. Write in your own voice. Be yourself. Express who you are, what you think, and why you think it.

It allows you to control your brand. Blogging is your voice and you own it. This is your way to create and control your brand. Whether that is your business brand, personal brand, or a combination of both. Blogging allows you to be in complete control over what you share and how you share it.

You get to exchange ideas with your ideal readers. I love this. You get to share your thoughts and ideas with other people who will read what you write. This leaves room for open discussion and for real connections to form.

You get to educate your readers. Whether your readers are learning about your business, products or services you offer, your words are teaching them something. You can be reminding them that they are not alone in the struggles that they have in their daily life. You can be teaching them a new way of doing something that they have always done. The options are endless.

You will begin to see an increase in sales. This won’t happen overnight. It will take some time but blogging allows you to be visible. It gives you a voice that your customers can go back to. It helps to gain the trust of the readers that are watching you and that you haven’t yet converted into a customer.

Help others. There are people out there reading your blog just so that they know they aren’t alone. I remember getting messages when I started my blog. Women telling me that it was so wonderful to hear someone else struggling the same way. Life feels a little less lonely when you know that you aren’t alone. Your words will help remind someone that life is messy and complicated but beautiful and worth all of the heartache and pain.

To build authority in your niche. Blogging allows you to showcase your knowledge and abilities when it comes to your business. It gives you a head-up on your competition if they don’t have a blog themselves.

Those are the 8 blogging tips that I have for you today. Which one was your favourite?

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