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7 Must Have Canadian Products

Over the years that I have moved to Alberta, the amount of amazing Canadian made products that I have found has been inspirational. The businesses pour their hearts and souls into creating memorable products. The hours of dedication that it takes to create products that truly make a difference in the lives of every day Canadians are priceless. Here is my list of the top 7 MUST HAVE Canadian made products. In no specific order.

1. Red Lemon Naturals. This amazing company is based out of British Columbia and has 3 products on my list. I fell in love with this company when I had them in the British Columbia box and I haven't used anything since on my face. Their face masks, face grains, and face oil has been an absolute blessing to have in my life. I have sensitive skin and as a 33-year-old woman, I still get breakouts. This face care regimen has cleared up my face and my skin has never looked better.

2. Green Butterfly Co. This amazing company is based out of Airdrie, Alberta. I have had the pleasure of having Alicia in many many boxes. She even generously donated her products in the BeYOUtiful Bundles that were delivered to the Rowan House Emergency Shelter. I want to share 1 of her products that I first tried as a sample. Her muddy mouth tooth powder is wonderful. Which totally reminds me that I need to stock up again. You will NEVER want to go back to store-bought toothpaste again.

3. Vintage Soul Wellness. I had the pleasure of meeting Julie when we did a tradeshow together. She gave me a sample of her body butter which was labelled, at that time, as foot butter. I was beyond excited to try it. I know that I'm not alone when I say that my feet can get a bit rough from standing on them all day long. I was so excited to get home (and out of the rain. Did I mention it was an outdoor market?) and try this product. I put it on my feet. It comes in a container like deodorant so it's perfect to rub on your heels. I placed my wonderful wool socks over and went to bed. I noticed a difference when I woke up in the morning and I haven't gone back. This stuff is like magic!!! This product can be used on your body, not just your feet.

4. Treats by Carla. Now, these are chocolates that you must add to your life. If you don't like chocolates, I'm not sure we can be friends. Now Carla is based out of Airdrie, Alberta as well and I met her when we went to an event in Calgary together. We hit it off and have been friends ever since. Carla makes gluten-free, dairy-free, regular, and a combination of all of these put together. The gift of chocolate is 1 of the best you can give so you better head on over and order some of this goodness. You will NOT regret it 1 bit.

5. Spice of Life. Do you love hot sauce? This hot sauce is a must. Spice of Life is based out of Toronto, Ontario. It was a product in the Christmas box one year and now my husband loves this hot sauce. It is delicious. My favourite is to put it on top of homemade macaroni and cheese. MMMMM it's making me hungry just thinking about it. They have so much more to offer as well but damn their hot sauce is delicious.

6. Gypsy Rose Organics. This company is based out of Airdrie, Alberta. Natasha was 1 of my vendors in the very first BeYOUtiful Box. She put in her monster spray and oh the smell of it is perfection. It is meant to be a spray to put on beds and pillows to help little ones sleep. I used it for everyone's bed and it made my house smell fresh and just amazing.

7. JJ's Bath and Body. Bath bombs seem to be all the rage nowadays but I have not tried a bath bomb that I like more than these. This business is based out of Airdrie, Alberta. They have been in the BeYOUtiful Box multiple times. I have given them as gifts. I have given them as random acts of kindness. They have even been used as a treat in a goody bag for an event I did. The smell of these is phenomenal.

These are the 7 MUST-HAVE Canadian made products that I shared with you. You will NOT regret having any of these in your home. The hard part is going to be deciding which one you want to try first.

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