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6 Female Bloggers to Fall in Love With

I love all things female. Watching women grow, expand, and live their purpose is truly powerful and beautiful. I believe that there is nothing more powerful than a woman who is owning her truth. For me, part of owning my truth came from my love of writing.

From the age of 10, I have been writing. I fell in love with words and I have never looked back. They captivate me. They make me fall in love. They remind me that I am not alone. They allow me to speak my truth.

I want to share with you 6 female bloggers that you will fall in love with. Their passion, their drive, their stories, and their power in themselves will enchant you.


#1. Dani DiPirro of Positively Present. She is all about self-love, positivity, and being self-aware. She is my kind of girl. Go and show her some love and check out her amazing website.

#2. Monica of Redefining Mom. She is all about empowering women to build their own online businesses. A woman who supports and teaches other women how to make their dreams a reality. You can’t beat that.

#3. Megan of Hello Life Academy. I am lucky enough to know Megan and work with Megan. She is a constant in my life and always reminds me that what I am doing is what I need to be doing. Megan is all about supporting women as they build their dream businesses. She is a business coach. The best part is she is totally honest about being a work at home mom with small children. The struggles, the realities, and the moments we all would like to pretend don’t happen when we work from home. You can connect with her through her words and that is amazing.

#4. Mariah Coz of Mariah Coz. She is all about helping women succeed in creating online courses. She is a business-related blog but she is a no B.S. type of woman and that I love.

#5. Lisa Marie Robinson of Lisa Marie Accounting. I think we could all learn a thing or two (or maybe 20) from Lisa. I have had the pleasure of meeting Lisa a couple of years ago (Has it been that long?) when she came to Airdrie. If you are looking for help, motivation, or just a positive outlook on anything financial, she is your go-to woman. She will make you fall in love with money.

#6. Samantha Laycock of Samantha Laycock Blogging. Yes, I am going to toot my own horn here. If you don’t already follow me, you probably should. I am pretty cool and I blog about self-care, self-love, motherhood, PPD, and life in general. I was named one of the top 30 blogs in the blogging tips niche.

Those are the 6 female bloggers that you need to start following and fall in love with. Do you have a favourite female blogger? I’d love for you to share who she is.

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