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5 Things Blogging Will Teach You

I talk a lot about what blogging can do for your business and even for your healing journey but I never talk about what blogging will teach you. The skills that it can give you in your life that will help you.

Most people who begin blogging just think of it as writing. And yes, that is what the majority of blogging is. But have you ever thought of how writing benefits you? Have you ever thought of the skills that you have learned or strengthened because you blog?


I think we are all lifelong learners. The ways that we learn may be different but I think we all crave to be better humans. Everyday moments can teach us things about ourselves that we didn’t know. Everyday moments can teach us skills that we didn’t possess before or even strengthen that skill.

Taking actionable steps. Being a blogger has really allowed me to break down my steps in a more easily understandable way. As I try to write for my readers, I have learned that simple is often better. Being able to break down creating a blog or steps I need to take to create a goal allows me to break down even small things that I do in my everyday life.

I find that I can process the bigger picture easier. The overwhelm is less than before. I can see the steps I need to take before I take them.

Be more introspective. Writing down my thoughts, feelings, and everything else allows me to truly break down what I am thinking inside. It gives me an outlet. I think this is a skill that most of us can be more of. By breaking down my thoughts more I can figure out where they are coming from, what is causing them, and a reasonable solution to help create new thoughts.

It also allows me to think about what I am going to write before I write it. This can give me insight into how I am going to make others feel when they read what I write. When it is something painful that I need to write, it also allows me to be completely truthful.

New ways of thinking. As a blogger, I try to come up with solutions to blogging issues. By doing that, I create new ways of thinking for myself. Thinking outside the box helps bloggers to grow but it doesn’t stop there. Thinking outside the box gives me creative ways to handle my life in motherhood, being a wife, and being an entrepreneur.

I am not afraid to challenge old ways of thinking. You will open yourself up to more of the world around you. You will listen to those who have differing opinions than you have. You become better at not only writing but better at listening and that is what we need more of.

Patience. I remember my sisters once telling me that I was the most patient out of all 3 of us. I have always known that I was a very patient person but blogging has shown me a different way of being patient. I can’t force my writing. If something isn’t coming to me then I need to either put it away or walk away from it. That doesn’t mean that I give up on it. It means that I learn to write something else or I give myself a break. Blogging is a skill that takes time and effort and in order to give yourself both of those, you need to be patient with yourself. You need to give yourself grace and allow yourself to make mistakes.

Being creative is a part of who I am but that doesn’t mean that it always comes easy. It means that I have taught myself to trust the process and that includes having patience.

It’s all about the journey. This is probably my most favourite lesson that I have learned over the years. When I began blogging in 2014, I had no idea I would be where I am today. I did it to help myself and in the process, I helped many other women. And now in 2020, I am doing the same thing but in a different way.

There are moments when I question if I am having the impact that I would love to have. We then get reminders that we are on the right track and feel as if nothing can bring us down. Yesterday, I made a top 30 list for bloggers who talk about blogging. When I first got the email, I immediately thought I was going to be number 30. Now there is nothing at all wrong with that but it was my brain's way of saying, you aren't good enough.

I can write a whole separate blog post about not feeling like I am good enough in the blogging world. Especially in the blogging tips blogging world. It is full of big players and there are many times I just want to walk away but as I was reading that list yesterday and seeing all of the names that I look up to, I came across MY name. #17 on the list. I couldn't believe it. A sense of shock and a sense of immense pride filled me. I never would have imagined that I would make a top 30 list but to be near the middle of that list made me want to cry tears of joy.

The journey has changed multiple times but it has stayed the same in many ways. I have grown as a person, a friend, a mother, and a wife. I have shown my dark side to my readers. I have been truthful and honest with the struggles and with my triumphs as I go through my life. I have given hope to women who maybe didn’t have any before they read a blog post I wrote.

The blogging journey is about so much more than just words. It is about creating a legacy that my kids can follow. It is about giving myself a fighting chance to change the world in a positive way. It is about giving women a voice so they can stand up and say, I AM POWERFUL and MY STORY MATTERS.

In what ways has blogging taught you something? Are you ready to begin the journey to starting your own blog? I have 2 spots available in round 2 of Blogology. This is where I will take you from having no website to getting your first blog post published. You do not need to know anything about technology before starting this course. I break it down in easy and understandable steps. As I have said before, blogging is about so much more than just words and I would love to help you on your journey to becoming a blogger.

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