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Blog to Heal


Learn how to share your story through blogging

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I help women who are ready to share their stories start a blog that helps them connect with others while building a business.

Sharing your story is incredibly healing, powerful, and will help you take your past experiences and turn them into a business while making an impact.

By healing from your past and using your moments to connect to yourself and to a community, you are allowing yourself to heal on a deeper level while building the life of your dreams.

Stories are what we are all made of but yet we seem to think that ours are less important. 

Someone out there is waiting to hear your story of incredible strength, imperfection, and inspiration. 

Let me show you how to share your story and build a community around you.

Share your story


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Intro to course

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Blog to Heal Modules

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In this module, we will cover all things goals, create a strategy for your blog that fits into your life, and plan for all the pieces you need for blogging.


  • Goal mapping

  • Monetization plan

  • Blogging vision workbook

  • Mapping blog strategy

  • Trello board

  • Content creation strategies & plan

build your website

I will walk you through every piece of building your website in module two.


  • Website platforms

  • Dos & don'ts of what you want on your site

  • Choosing colours/fonts for your site

  • Website pages to have as a beginner

  • Basic SEO for your website

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build your blog

I walk you through all the steps to build your blog on your new website.


  • Narrow your niche

  • Choosing your keywords

  • Building your keyword map

  • Setting up blogging categories

  • SEO basics for your blog posts

  • Basic pieces every blog post needs

social media

In this module, we will cover all things social media.


  • Recommended social media platforms

  • Building your social media profiles

  • Creating a strategy behind social media

  • How to post/schedule on different platforms

  • How to post/schedule using tools

  • Reusing blog content across ALL platforms

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