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Reclaim YOUR Story After Trauma Through Blogging

There is more to sharing your story than just words. It's on the raw emotions that you explore. Your honest truth that flows from your pain. It's allowing your tortured existence to heal the outside worth while slowly mending the broken pieces.

I see you. The struggle that you hide with your beautiful smile. The soul that constantly feels like it is cracked. I see you. 

You are not alone. Those moments when you feel like you are, those are the moments I'm sending you my love. Know that you are stronger than you feel.

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Embrace Who You Are & the Stories That Created You

Do you struggle with a hatred so deep that you hate every piece of your being? 

For years and years, I struggled with self-hatred. Not just your typical hate for oneself. Mine was deep, dark, and isolating. 

Most nights I would cry myself to sleep. You do that too? Wondering how the man I loved could love me back. Wondering how I could be a mom to my kids when I can't stand the reflection looking back at me. Missing out on so much in my life because I was always looking down and hiding my TRUE self.

The only word to truly describe what I was feeling was fear. Fear that I could never learn to love myself. Fear that self-love was just an imaginary force that only existed in movies and books. 

I had no idea where to begin. I wasn't sure if there was even a step-by-step guide to self-love. I decided to create my own.

By taking my stories, my painful moments, and sharing them in a blog, I was able to start the healing process that I had avoided for over 11 years. A process that stopped me from truly living my life.

You deserve to find the love that I did. A love that is so desperately trying to embrace you. Let me walk you through how to turn your stories into hope for your future and hope for others. Let's begin to rebuild the version of you that is so ready to bloom.

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